Monday, 26 August 2013

Another Way to Fall by Amanda Brooke

What would you do if you could write the story of your life?

After battling a brain tumour twenty-nine year old Emma thinks she is in the clear, but her world comes crashing down around her when she is told her fight was in vain, and there is nothing more the doctors can do.

Realising that she won’t now have time to achieve the things she dreamed of, Emma decides to write her perfect life in a story. She imagines all the things she would have done, the places she would have seen, the husband she would have shared her life with and the family they would have raised. And, mysteriously, as she writes her story, she starts to notice that some of her dreams seem to be coming true.

Now with a real love in her life, and her fading hope burning brighter, reality and fiction start to become blurred. As she writes their life-long love story Emma dares to believe that anything is possible, but can she really change her fate?


I'm a planner, I love having things to look forward to and focus on and like many people throughout the world, I've dreamt about the future I want.
So when I read the synopsis for this book, it got me thinking, what happens if you don't get to look that far ahead.

For Emma, her future isn't going to be how she had hoped, because there isn't time to fit everything she wants from life into the time she has left. What will be her, life legacy?
That's when Emma decides, if she can't live the life she longs for, she will write it instead!

Emma is a wonderful character to read about, she is determined to finish her story and make sure that all those she loves, are prepared for a life without her in it.
She shows an unspeakable strength for facing up to what is happening, even though she's scared, and who wouldn't be? Throughout the story she experiences a mixture of emotions at what she will be leaving behind, what opportunities she won't get to take.

One positive in Emma's life, is her family and friends.
Her mum Meg finds it hard accepting that her daughter isn't able to have life saving treatment and it's heartbreaking the way Meg fights for her.
Then there's Ben, the lovely Ben who brings some reality to Emma's life!
I fell in love with all the main characters and I found myself getting emotional and teary for them all, everyone of them was facing something they didn't want!

'Another Way to Fall' is a truly inspirational heartfelt read, that really does put your life in perspective.


I would like to thank Jaime at Harper Collins for sending me a copy to review.

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  1. This sounds like such a beautiful book! I'm going to add it to my Wishlist! xx