Monday, 19 August 2013

Creepy Christmas by Jaimie Admans

Strange things are occurring in the neighbourhood. A mysterious snowfall, one Santa too many, and eyes of coal that watch you wherever you go.

Ten-year-old Kaity is busy trying to get rid of her mum's creepy new boyfriend and reunite her divorced parents, but her curiosity gets the better of her when she meets the new mall Santa and his enchanting daughter Blizzard. Can Kaity help them save Christmas from being destroyed by Anti-Claus - a pretend Santa who is a permanent member of the naughty list?

It's Christmas in the village of Chelferry, but this year the snowmen can move, the fairy won't stay on top of the Christmas tree, and if you listen closely to the musical Christmas cards, you can hear the faint sound of screaming over the Jingle Bells...

Throughout December I've read some fantastic christmas books, but none of them have tested my imagination the way 'Creepy Christmas' did.

This isn't just a festive book, its about SANTA and not just one santa but two santa's.
Now we are all aware of the wonderful jolly man in a red suit who brings gifts all around the world but in 'Creepy Christmas' true believers also get a wish.
But now imagine an anti claus, a skinny man in a red suit who delivers gifts and is a long standing member of Santa's naughty list.

With the help of ten year Kaity can christmas be saved?

Told from Kaity's perspective we meet a host of characters from the wonderful Blizzard who is always ready to listen to Kaity's woes and talk things out, to Seth my least favourite character or as I prefer to call him Mr Nasty.

Whilst the story keeps you in suspense and keeps a great pace, I liked how it handled issues that families can face not just at Christmas but throughout the year and it was done in a sensitive way.

Its an enjoyable read that brings home how christmas is about family and loved ones, but it's so much more magical when you believe.



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