Monday, 19 August 2013

My Book Moment - Changing the dream!

Today marks the first My Book Moment feature, a new regular feature to The Love Of A Good Book
Every week someone will be sharing their book moment with you, but first up its me!


When the idea of 'My Book Moment' first came to me, I was thinking about how a chance encounter in a nightclub had left me feeling like Romily from 'It Started With a Kiss', only in my case it wasn't a kiss but words that were left running through my mind.

As I thought about it more, I realised that a lot of us have 'Book Moments' and don't even realise it, in fact my whole year feels like it could've come from the pages of several books.

So I decided to lay it out, tell you my year so far and I suppose lay my soul bare!

At the start of the year I was working for my local council, I'd been there 5 years and had recently swapped teams when I heard that the threat of redundancy was looming large.
Realising that I'd been plodding along and become an almost robotic worker, I started to think more about my hopes and dreams.

Now as some of you may know, back in 2011 my battle whilst in surgery had left me with a new focus on 'Living Life' and one of the things I was determined to do, was to live abroad. Whether it be for a couple of months, half a year or a year. I wanted to experience living in a different country.

The thing is I'm a 'Planner' and as much as packing my bags, upping sticks and moving to a different country sounded great, I had to make sure there was a plan.
What better plan than to work abroad? Meet people through work, help with accommodation, visa's etc!

So after applying to a travel company and successfully passing their interview day, I found myself employed as a Resort Administrator and excited at the prospect of spending my summer living in Greece.
I took redundancy from the council, paid off life here and bought a shiny new phone so I could Skype home!

Then I flew to Cyprus, a magnificent country I had never seen before, so picturesque and full of friendly people.
Here I spent a week, training for my new role and meeting other trainees. For a week I lived and breathed procedures, health & safety, airport codes and wedding planning.
I was so excited that part of my job description involved the planning of someone's wedding.
Sitting in Cyprus with my new friends, I started to think I may have found my dream job after all!

A week later I said goodbye to all my new friends and headed off to Kos, my home for the summer.
Having never been to Greece before I was excited to embrace everything new, after all Cyprus had a been a wondrous surprise,

Unfortunately being a Coeliac on a small island became my first hurdle, my salary was very basic and to order gluten free items was going to be expensive, I was in temporary accommodation and didn't have cooking facilities, so for a while I was on a diet of air, water and the gluten free pretzels I'd taken in my case.

I was missing my family and then it was confirmed that my dads tumour had returned.
I booked my flight, packed my bags and headed to the airport.
After 18 hours of travelling I made it back home to my family,


A couple of days after being home I started registering with agencies for temporary work and explained that I would be needing time off for when my dad was having hospital treatment.

That was how I found myself with a 3 month fixed term contract, talking to callers 5 days a week.
Not in a sales role, I feel I should add!
And this gave me moments I wasn't expecting, like someone asking me out over the phone, the guy that rang up for information on a girl and could only tell me she was blonde and 5ft5 oh and she smelled really nice (STALKER)

But now those three months are over and I find myself yet again thinking about my hopes and dreams.
Hoping that my dad gets the all clear.
Hoping for a better year for my family and dreaming of doing something with books.

Like my family books are a constant source of happiness in my life, they can help turn my emotions around and change my mindset.
I would love to work with books or who knows maybe even have a go at writing one, but one things for sure with my family and books in my life, I will always have hopes and dreams!

Next Friday Victoria from Victoria Loves Books, will be sharing her book moment.

If you would like to take part in 'My Book Moment' you can contact me via the contact page


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