Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Book Moment - A bolt out of the blue!

Today's book moment is by Catriona Merryweather, you can find Catriona at Fabulous book fiend


I've been agonising over how to word this but I'm just going to write a hope that something comes across.

I decided to do a break up of mine because it felt like I was actually living someone else's life, that this wasn't happening to me, and still when I tell people about it now. The sometimes can't believe that it happened!

So I was living with my fiancée, we'd recently moved to be closer to his family and we'd both been struggling to find work. I was doing supply teaching as well as doing some private tuition and working behind a bar and he'd only recently found a job about half an hour away. Things were tough, then in the same week, my guinea pig died and so did my grandmother. Luckily I also found out that I had a job interview that week so that eased the blow a wee bit. The interview was the same day as my grandmothers funeral so I arranged to go back home with my parents for a couple of days afterwards.

Unfortunately I didn't get the job but the real blow was when I was about to return 'home' to my fiancé he text me telling me not to bother coming back. He told me he'd decided that he was fed up having no money, he hadn't missed me when I'd been gone, so it would be better if I didn't come back. I was devastated, I didn't know what to do. I had to make a final trip down there, put some of my stuff into storage, bring the rest up to mum and dads. Let my various employers know that I wasn't going to return and ring the letting agency of the flat I'd just put a deposit on to tell them I wouldn't be taking it up after all-all a bit of a nightmare.

It literally all felt like it was happening to someone else, someone I was reading about, not to me. To make matters worse, I was paying his phone bill and through that I found out that during the tough time we were going through he was also cheating on me! My friends and family were super supportive and I wouldn't have been able to get through it without them. I moved back in with my parents, my best friend would take me for nights on the town and everyone understood that I was literally starting back from square one again. I had the phone cut off which was definitely something a heroine in a book would do and within two weeks I was working for another supply agency, getting loads of teaching work which eventually led to something full time!


This was a horrible time in my life but definitely shows what strength I've got to have come out the other end. It allowed me to look back on the relationship and see what I bad place I was really in. Like a heroine in a book I triumphed over it because of those I had around me and because of my own conviction. I'm a better person because all that happened to me, and though I am still struggling with the debt that the relationship left me in, my career has gone from strength to strength and I have a fabulous flat I can come home to at night. So that's my book 'moment' if you like, an October 4 years ago...

Thanks for having me on your blog and allowing me to share my story.

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