Friday, 13 September 2013

My Book Moment - Comfort & Cuddles

I'm pleased to share this lovely 'My Book Moment' with you.
Today Trish from Tishylou's World is sharing with us her book moment,


I don't have a book moment as such. More of a "book revelation".

I've always been a reader. My childhood and teen years were spent browsing the shelves of our local library and taking my new treasures to my secret reading place, a hill nestled deep in the cemetery that was next to our old house. I know this sounds morbid, but there really was nothing else to do where I grew up in Canada. I'd spend as many hours as possible reading everything from Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High and Judy Blume to RL Stine, Danielle Steel and Stephen King as I grew older.


But my whole book world changed when I moved to England from Canada in 2000. I was 22 when I discovered "chick-lit". Authors like Jane Green, Jill Mansell, Chris Manby, Rowan Coleman, Carole Matthews, Belinda Jones and so many more, opened up a whole new genre. Whatever you want to call it, these books have inspired me, encouraged me and comforted me when I've been at my lowest points.


I have met some amazing people through these books and social media. I have had the amazing opportunities to meet some of my favorite authors including Jane Green, Miranda Dickinson and Caroline Smailes. I met the adorable Kirsty (miss LoveOfAGoodBook) herself at Christmas-time last year. I have made friends. I love that! I've started my own blog Tishylou's World and started reviewing for, which has encouraged me to try lots of new authors I would never have picked up normally. My book revelation has changed me and I am so glad!


I've just ended a 10 year engagement and I will be turning to my books for comfort and maybe even guidance. If the women in my books can do it, why can't I??

I would like to thank Trish for sharing her 'My Book Moment'


  1. Hi Kirsty! You've probably had lots of these but I nominated you for a Liebster award :)