Friday, 20 September 2013

Tagged: TV Boyfriends!

This morning I was tagged in a post by the brilliant Victoria to name my Top five TV boyfriends!
You can see Victoria's choices here.

A bloggers game of tag and a chance to perv, I was in!
But this proved to be a hard task, how could I pick just 5 top men!
Admittedly if I walk around the streets of my home town I probably couldn't find one. I apologise to the men where I come from , but honestly if you really are hot, where are you hiding????. Or maybe as my mum says, "if you put down a book once in a while and leave the house, you might notice them!"

But when it comes to men on TV, like with book boyfriends, I'm a whore!
Five I cried, how could I pick Five!

In no particular order, MY men are:

Chandler Bing

If you've not seen friends then please lift up your right hand and hit yourself with it!
Friends is amazing!
But for me, Chandler was always the one. Handsome, funny and just genuinely awesome!
I love a sense of humour, if men can't make me laugh then it's doomed! I love to laugh and smile.


Kelly Severide

A really hot fireman who is also sex mad!
Seriously though he does have feelings too and ummmmmm, sorry that chest keeps distracting me.


Steve McGarrett

Hello Five-O, I love Steve, as ex military he still has the uniform and he carries a gun. He is muscly, cocky and funny.
And he lives in Hawaii, sun, sea, sand and Steve!


Derek Morgan

I love the show Criminal minds, I long to be Penelope, so that Derek Morgan can call me baby girl!
This guy is deep but also clever, handsome and considerate.
Even solving murders, the guy looks hot!


Mark Sloan (McSteamy)

Greys introduced us to McDreamy and then hot from the shower in waltzed McSteamy, now I've met many Doctors but none that look like this.
I tried to book a flight to Seattle and then remembered the important fact that he isn't real. I mean I'd be willing for him to give my body a checking over, for medical purposes of course.


So there you have it my five TV boyfriends
But I couldn't leave without a picture of my favourite silver fox!


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  1. Ha ha loved this post Kirsty! And especially love the silver fox at the end ;)

  2. With you on Derek Morgan and your Mum sounds great!

  3. I literally agree with every one of those choices. p.s. Steve McGarrett is MINE!!!!! x

  4. Because I love your blog I have nominated you for a Shine On Award see the link here:

  5. Oh my goodness! I saw another author's blogged response to this and added my own - those who came to mind at the time (namely Martin Shaw, David Tennant and Alan Rickman.)

    But you have reminded me - and the shame for having forgotten - of the excellent Mr McGarrett, and of the quirky and cute Chandler Bing. Thank you for making my day complete :D.