Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Book House - Kirsty let's loose!

When I first came up with the idea for 'The Book House' I was imagining the big brother house with 6 fictional book characters in it.
But the more the idea took hold, my house has become more like the Geordie Shore house and I can only blame my sub conscious for taking over the keypad.


The first housemate to enter the house is:

Kirsty is a nobody from the West Midlands, but she does enter the house with lots of books, bags and nail varnish.

After entering the house Kirsty is found to be hiding bottles of wine and moving the fish to the fruit bowl, she then proceeds to make a cocktail, it seems this lady might be a lush!

Second housemate:
Miles from Married by Christmas.

Miles is currently working as a singer and making a name for himself!

After the paramedics have seen to Kirsty following her fainting spell and her request to receive mouth to mouth from Miles was turned down many times, Miles made Kirsty a sweet tea and settled next to her on the sofa.

Third housemate:
Christian Grey (50 Shades Trilogy)

This rich businessman obviously needs no introduction to the media, it came as a shock to all around him that Christian accepted the offer to enter the house.

20130924-171623.jpgChristian walks in, sits down, no pleasantries are swapped.

Forth housemate:
Mark from Revelry,

Mark is known as a famous photographer in the magazine circuit, he has come into The Book House, hoping to find himself.

20130924-171814.jpgMark introduces himself, grabs a beer and settles on to the sofa, next to Kirsty. He is instantly flirtatious and Kirsty seems to be getting very hot after fainting. She's almost tomato red!

Fifth housemate:
Nick from About A Girl

Nick is a journalist and he is hoping that by entering the house, he can gain a better insight into reality shows and the people he interviews from them,

Nick and Mark have met a few times at industry parties, so straight away they hit it off and soon the guys and Kirsty are chatting away merrily with Christian watching from a distance

Sixth housemate:
Sam from Cupcakes at Carringtons

Sam is well known for her amazing baking skills, she is excited for this new challenge but she's also nervous about being away from the man she loves.

Sam introduces herself to the group and instantly hits it off with Kirsty, the two are soon found gossiping over cocktails.

The seventh and final housemate:
Toby from Killer Queens

Well this flame haired prince probably needs no introductions, he can be found often sprawled across the tabloids.

Toby introduces himself, grabs a beer and joins the ladies who are currently discussing the appropriate dress length, Toby has strong opinions on no dress being a good length and soon 6 of the housemates are laughing and drinking to the early hours.
Christian sits back quietly observing the group.

What the media reports:

Christian walked in the first week, after discovering the secret sex room and the sex swing in use.
As of yet no media reports have disclosed the identity or identities of who was using the swing!
Our resident psychologist reports that Christian has intimacy issues and wanted to get back to his partner who could relate!

Nick was the first to be evicted, show polls suggested they didn't like him answering a question with a question.
Mark took it hard, they had a great bromance going on and Kirsty was somewhat distraught when Nick walked up the steps, she was seen fanning herself.

Sam unfortunately was the second to be evicted, the public said she was too nice, they wanted scandal!
The housemates were distraught at Sam leaving and not just because she kept making them sweet treats.
Sam said in her interview that she knew they would all stay in touch.

Toby was the next to leave, it was rumoured the royal family fixed the polls due to Toby's antics in the house.
He certainly made an impression on all his housemates, channel 4004 still won't disclose what was said during the truth or dare game that caused Kirsty to faint.
But the fact that all housemates carried on playing shows it wasn't too bad.

The fifth person to leave the house was Kirsty, she left the house a stone lighter and with a spring in her step.
The shows producers were concerned for the hot flushes she appeared to be having and rumour has it channel 4004 sent her to a medic straight after being interviewed.
It was later reported that the doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about, well nothing a cold shower couldn't fix!

When it came to announcing the winner, Miles and Mark were sat in deep V neck vests and low slung jeans, showing tattoos and toned arms (Kirsty fans self)
It was almost neck and neck in the polls and the winner was announced, Miles had won 'The Book House'

One month later
Kirsty, Miles, Mark, Nick, Sam & Toby have been seen out all over town, rumour has it they are in talks to set up a magazine!
It's still not been revealed who put the sex swing to use and what went on in the truth and dare game.
How they eluded all those cameras is anyone's guess, although insiders of the show have suggested a royal cover up.
It appears when it comes to this lot, what happened in the house will stay in the house!

Tomorrow the lovely Laura is entering 'The Book House'


  1. This is fabulous Kirsty. Very entertaining :)

  2. I love this. Also I totally agree with your casting for Nick (About A Girl)