Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Book House - CODE RED: Victoria's in the house

Today entering the book house is Victoria from Victoria loves books (@arrrgggghhhhhh on Twitter).


'Day one in the big book house and the new book nerds are about to enter,

First up we have Victoria, 26 and a huge book worm. Not one to leave her family behind she struggled with the decision, but when finding out her fellow housemates, she forgot she even had a family!


Second in is Noah Calhorn who comes from The Notebook. Noah is a man who knows how to use his hands and madly in love with Allie. He spends his spare time building houses or rowing amongst geese. Also known to be very romantic.


Third in we have Ron Weasley best known for his help in defeating He Who Cannot Be Named. Ron is married to his childhood sweetheart Hermione, without her he is pretty useless, for the safety of others his wand has been taken away!


Fourth in we have Richard De Clare from The Lady Of Hay. Richard is a knight from hundreds of years ago. He may struggle to fit in with modern day life. We can confirm his been told not to whip his sword out under any circumstances.


Fifth in we have Claire De Tamble from The Time Traveler's Wife, now a widow after her husband died (although don't let her hear that she is certain he is still alive, we will be monitoring her health closely) she has decided to join the book house for a new experience.


Sixth in we have Johnny Jefferson from Johnny Be Good. Now a reformed man, married with kids and most importantly sober, will he manage without Meg keeping him on the straight and narrow?


And in last place we have an absolute corker it's Gideon Cross, no one knows how or why Gideon came to be in the house, but most are hoping to catch glimpses of him in the shower. (Camera heights have been adjusted ladies)


First out is Richard De Clare, the viewers and housemates alike found it hard to understand his way with words. Although everyone enjoyed his lack of understanding on today's mod-cons. We will never forget the incident with the curling tongs!

Second out is Victoria, the housemates found it quite disturbing that she wore a t-shirt with Noah's face on it....


And lets not forget the picture she has beside her bed....


Not only this, on several occasions she asked Ron to "whip out his wand" and begged Gideon "to give me your babies" and lets not forget when she tried to lick Noah's chest. Unfortunately she refused to leave gracefully and clung into Noah's legs weeping.
(Her husband was unable to comment and has gone into hiding!)

Third out is Johnny, the public find his moping around and talking about missing Meg and his son his just too boring now, plus the housemates didn't appreciate his concern on their alcohol intake.

Fourth out is Claire, in the middle of the night Henry appeared, naked at the day he was born, and the other housemates were shocked and appalled that she was allowed to see her husband, whilst they hadn't. Also the scandal with her and Gideon in the hot tub will go unforgotten for many.

Fifth to leave is Gideon, he left soon after Claire's eviction, after hearing the crowd boo and chant "get Gideon out" he realised he had made a fatal mistake in allowing Claire to get drunk. Eva being the very jealous type he knew he had to get to her and be with her. But lets reminisce his time in the house...


The final was very tense with two very brilliant finalists but the runner up was Noah. Whilst in the house he stayed true to his Allie, wore white vests and built a tree house and read poetry. He was adored by the viewers and housemates and left to chants of his name. Lets reminisce over his time in the house...







(Victoria was held back by security for fear of what she might do!)


And the winner of The Book House was of course Ron Weasley, Ron swore a lot, burnt things, screamed at spiders and was fascinated by "the muggles" he made us laugh and the public fell in love with him. He came out to chants of "Weasley is our King" and when he left the house he was greeted by hundreds of gingers, Hermione, Harry and their children.


A huge thank you to Victoria, not only for making me laugh but for the many Ryan Gosling pictures.

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