Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Book House - Dancing in with Trish

Today Trish from Tishylou's World is entering 'The Book House'


This sounded like so much fun, I really wanted to be a part of it. It was harder than I thought it would be to choose my participants but I narrowed it down to 5 plus myself.

ROMILY from It Started With A Kiss by Miranda Dickinson. She's a wedding singer who writes a blog, so has lots of fans and followers who may cheer her on in the house. She's sweet, adventurous and kind.


DOM from Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell. Dom is a big rock star who is sexy and quite sweet really. He is battling personal demons so he hopes that time in the house will help sort him out.


MILO from Wish You Were Here by Victoria Connelly. Milo is from the Greek island of Kos. He is very, very sexy, kind , nurturing and caring.


DERMOT from Breakfast At Darcy's by Ali McNamara. He is very clever, determined and resourceful. Can find a solution for any problem and is a peace keeper.


FLICK from A Cottage By The Sea by Carole Matthews. Flick is a beautiful blonde. She's a bit of a man eater, outrageous flirt, a bit of a troublemaker.


Me (Trish. I'm 36, line dance crazy, single, caring and don't like confrontation. I love tea, toast and dancing.


First to leave: Flick. After flirting outrageously with Milo (much to his disgust), Flick tries it on with Dom. Dom promptly declares his love for Romily and Flick is voted out for being a trouble maker. She leaves to boos from the crowd but there is a man with a sign that says "Marry Me Flick". The man is arrested for public nudity.

Second to leave: Milo. As sexy as he is, Milo is very shy and doesn't seem to have clicked with anyone in the house. He also claims to be homesick for the Greek sunshine. The housemates also think he spends too long in the bathroom.

Third to leave: Me. Everyone is sick of my constant twirling around. No one else is a fan of line dancing and the two singers in the house don't dare sing for hear I'll start dancing again. Yeehaa!!

Fourth to leave: Dermot. Although he's been very useful and resourceful in the house (he even found a way to sneak in to the secret room where all the food was supposed to be hidden and shared out a secret stash of chocolate and wine), he isn't very warm and vote him out.

Fifth to leave: Dom. He and Romily have been fun to watch, a possible romance blossoming, but Dom gets drunk on the wine Dermot found and he confesses that he only used Romily to make his ex-wife jealous. He exits the house to loud boos. His ex-wife didn't see any of it as she was away in America at the time.

Winner: Romily. The public adored her! Some of her blog followers are even waiting for her outside the house, like a little fan club! Romily is surprised to have won and cries as she leaves the house. Her constant singing to herself in the house has caught the attention of a big time music mogul, and 3 months after leaving the house, her debut album is released world wide. She's become a huge star!

The thing no one noticed was that unassuming Trish and sexy Milo had been having some steamy fun in the shower together. Trish has since moved to Kos to be with her sexy Greek god Milo.


A big thank you to Trish and I hope and Milo enjoy their new idyllic life together. Tomorrow join Aven Ellis in 'The Book House'

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