Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Book House - Holly's House

Today entering 'The Book House' is the wonderful Holly Martin


Day 5 in the Big Book House; the day of the first eviction.

Holly (by Holly Martin) is lying on the sofa, laptop open on her stomach, pen stuck behind her ear. She’s trying to edit The Guestbook, her next novel whilst simultaneously checking through The Sentinel her first novel for any final changes. Last night she won a baked bean eating contest which enabled her to have one hour of laptop access. She ate 4243 cold baked beans and today isn’t feeling quite so hot.


Jacob Black (Twilight – Stephanie Meyer) is in the kitchen. Despite that its winter, Jacob only seems to have packed shorts and has walked around without a top on for the last two days. Holly doesn’t seem to mind this. Jacob refused to take part in the baked bean challenge last night stating that he only wanted to eat meat. The Big Book House was not happy with this decision.


Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones Diary, obviously – Helen Fielding) is in the bedroom, crying. Since the death of Mark Darcy she has been inconsolable, but wanted to come into The Big Book House to get away from all the sympathetic looks and empty words of condolence. She has packed several pairs of big pants and also smuggled in a few boxes of cigarettes.


Hagrid (Harry Potter – JK Rowling) is in the Jacuzzi having a bath, mainly because the bath in The Big Book House is too small for him. He is even cleaning his beard in case he gets evicted tonight. He wants to make a good impression when he gets interviewed. He hopes Madame Olympe Maxime will be waiting for him when he comes out. There are now bits of old food floating around in the water.


Aragorn (Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkien) is sitting on the sofa with Holly, he has taken it upon himself to protect her from anything and everything, including backstabbing, washing up duties, any chance of attack from zombies or orcs. He never leaves her side. Holly doesn’t seem to mind this either. For some reason The Big Book House allowed him to bring in his sword. He looks very sexy with his sword.


Gideon Cross (Crossfire series – Sylvia Day) is in the gym. He keeps saying he needs to keep up his stamina though no one is sure what for when he seemingly sits in his office all day. Although Bridget and Holly have enjoyed watching him work out… purely to get tips on his fitness regime and not for any other reason. Holly has tried to get to know him better but with Aragorn always in the way it has made any relationship almost impossible.


The sofa moves and it turns out Holly and Aragorn are not sitting on the sofa at all but on The Slemp (Shadow Forest – Matt Haig). The Slemp is a giant furry creature with the physical aspects of a bear and a lion and a belly, warmer, cosier and softer than any pillow. It spends most of its life asleep, but if it wakes up long enough it can gobble a human head in one bite.

20131005-194735.jpgAlthough The Slemp stirs, mutters something about berries and goes back to sleep, soon snoring loudly, Aragorn is not happy about this and goes off to the diary room to ask Big Book House to remove him from the house.

Holly uses this momentary period of freedom to flirt with Gideon and Jacob who are now chatting in the kitchen about wolves. Holly shivers a bit from the over exuberant air conditioning and Jacob hugs her to keep her warm. Jacob seems to be hot all the time and not just in body temperature. Gideon is less than impressed with this close, physical contact but both of them back off when Aragorn returns brandishing his long weapon… his sword obviously.

Before the eviction is started, The Big Book House calls Jacob to the diary room and kicks him out of the house for his refusal to take part in the baked bean eating task. As eviction edges closer, Bridget decided to leave, the close media attention is doing nothing to help with her grief over Mark Darcy.

Suddenly there is a noise in the garden and despite the best efforts of the security guards, Buckbeak, a large hippogriff lands by the jacuzzi. Hagrid runs out to meet him, somehow communicates with him and it seems there is some problem with He Who Should Not Be Named. Hagrid gets on Buckbeak’s back and with a great flap of the creatures wings Buckbeat and Hagrid disappear quite literally into the sunset.

This only leaves Holly, Gideon and Aragorn left. Gideon and Aragorn glare at each other, sizing each other up, but Gideon with his easily frayed temper, suddenly snaps and launches himself at Aragorn. Aragorn is super skilled with his sword but Gideon is strong and fit. There doesn’t seem to be any clear victor and although Holly knows she should step in and break the fight up, she is really rather enjoying the lovely vision of manliness as these two gorgeous men fight over her.
Big Book House is not happy, fighting is against the rules. Both Gideon and Aragorn are kicked out the house for blatant disregard of the rules. With no one else left in the house, Holly is declared the winner. She leaves to victorious applause.

But wait, in the corner of the room is a noise, a snoring, purring noise. In all the chaos everyone had forgotten about The Slemp. He rolls over, mutters about berries and falls back to sleep again. It seems that The Slemp is the true winner, though no one is brave enough to wake him up and tell him.

Holly Martin’s first two novels Changing Casanova and The Chainsaw Masquerade were both shortlisted for the New Talent award at the Festival of Romance. She won the Belinda Jones Travel Club short story competition and her story One Hundred Proposals was published in the Sunlounger anthology earlier this year. Sunlounger 2 will be out next summer and this time Holly will be one of the featured writers. Her debut novel The Sentinel, a YA fantasy action adventure will be published October 16th and her Chicklit novel The Guestbook will be published in January.
You can follow Holly on Twitter @hollymartin00 and find out more about The Sentinel at

A big thank you to Holly, tomorrow we have Jody entering 'The Book House'

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