Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Book House - Jack's judgement day!

Today entering 'The Book House' is Jack Croxall, you can find out more about Jack by visiting:


Choice One: Mrs Coulter

I’ve always thought that, if I was ever in one of these reality-type competitions, I’d definitely lose. I’ll be needing some serious help and the devious Mrs Coulter from His Dark Materials would no doubt have the whole thing sussed out in minutes. I don’t mind coming second and so I’ll just team up with her to guarantee the silver medal – what could possibly go wrong?!

Choice Two: Esther Emerson

I think this is probably cheating (Esther is from my own book, Tethers) but I’m going to pick her anyway. I expect The Book House might seem tranquil from the outside, but I just know there will be back-stabbing a plenty. There is no better swashbuckler than my Esther, and so I’d constantly need her on hand to slash and parry those back-stabbers into submission. Plus, I’ll follow her around, write down what she does and that’s another book sorted – bonus!

Choice Three: Tom Imura

Okay so that’s two girls and no boys – sometimes a chap just needs a little bit of guy time, you know? Tom Imura is from the Benny Imura series, and he is a kind and super-wise post-apocalyptic samurai. In a world full of zombies, Tom teaches his younger brother Benny and his buddies to be ‘Warrior Smart’ at all times, turning whatever resources they have to their advantage. He’d be great to chat to, and, hey, there’s always the chance of a zombie outbreak wherever you are ...

Choice Four: The Marquis

Another cunning character, The Marquis from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere is a very entertaining fellow. I think I’d enjoy watching him flaunt his stuff in the house and, without revealing too much about the book, he really is king of the comeback – if he ever got voted out he’d no doubt reappear in moments. That would be amusing!

Choice Five: Fiver

I love cute bunnies! Fiver from Watership Down should be in the house for pure cuteness factor. Plus he can see the future(ish) so he could tell me what the tasks were going to be.

Choice Six: Hermione Granger

If we’re going to build something to escape the house, or maybe fill it with lots of nice, comfy sofas if we decide to stay, we need brains. And probably magic. Hermione is one of the smartest magical people in fiction so she (in Emma Watson form) definitely needs to come. Plus I totally fancy her, and we’d be very happy together thank you very much.


When it comes to the winner of 'The Book House' I think Mrs Coutler would no doubt be the victor, I'd probably come last ....


Jack Croxall’s debut novel, Tethers follows Victorian teenagers Karl Scheffer and Esther Emerson as they become embroiled in a treacherous conspiracy. The book is available through Amazon and you can find out more by visiting:

Praise for Tethers

Reminiscent of the exploration stories of Enid Blyton and Arthur Ransome, the kids find themselves on a metaphorical rollercoaster cart racing down the tracks. And the brakes are off. (MuggleNet)

A big thank you to Jack. Tomorrow join Sharon Sant in 'The Book House'

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