Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Book House - Laura's gone wild!

Today entering 'The Book House' is the fantastically funny Laura!
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The Big Book House
I am a huge fan of the idea of living in a house with six fictional characters. I am going to use some naughty tactics here though to help me win and end up with the best outcome. (Shh, don’t tell anyone)
Housemate 1:


Laura, 20, lover of books, sleeping, banoffe pie and men.

Housemate 2:


Ezra Fitz. (Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard)
Teacher, fit, sexy, gorgeous, intriguing…need I go on?

Housemate 3:


Prince Hugo. (Killer Queens by Rebecca Chance)
You always need someone quite famous in the Big Book house.

Housemate 4:


Billy Buskin. (Billy And Me by Giovanna Fletcher)
You also need a musician in the house.

Housemate 5:


Leonard Peacock. (Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick)
You need someone with a sob story/ a bit of a sad history.

Housemate 6:


Kay Scarpetta. (The Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell)
A strong woman to keep everyone in check.

Housemate 7:


Rosie. (The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion)
You need a quirky one.

First to leave is Billy Buskin. The public are bored with watching him pine over his girlfriend Sophie; he’s no fun and spends all day in bed. He also doesn’t do any of the washing up and was caught doing naughty things in the bathroom.

Second to leave is Leonard Peacock. People love him and think he’s super-hot but he doesn’t seem to be clicking with all the other housemates. He’s been playing pranks on everyone with Rosie but they’re childish pranks and people are bored of the cling film over the toilet seat trick.

Third to leave is Rosie. She’s had fun and flirted with Hugo but the public are getting a bit worn down by her quirky behaviour. There’s only so many times they can hear her sing Baby by Justin Beiber.

Forth to leave is Prince Hugo. It was fun to see him let his hair down and do non-prince like things like fart and do drunk cartwheels, but people are more interested in the final three housemates.

Fifth to leave is Kay. The audience love how much of a strong woman she is and like watching her strut around in just her underwear but she’s become a third wheel as Laura and Ezra fall deeper in love.

Last to leave is Lazra. (Laura + Ezra)
They have fallen in love SO deeply that the public can’t bear to separate them and so allow them to leave the house together.
The public adore them and throw flowers and teddy bears at the couple as they make their way down the staircase. At the bottom, Ezra proposes to Laura and the whole crowd screams in delight.


(Ok, so that was a bit too fanciful but hey, anything can happen in fiction.)
In all seriousness, I would love to go into a house with those six characters and I really would love to see how the public would react to them all.

A big thank you to Laura (personally I think her and Ezra make a gorgeous couple)
Tomorrow join Jack Croxall in 'The Book House'

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