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The Bookhouse...Er rather, The Bookworm Bachelorett

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The Bookhouse...Er rather, The Bookworm Bachelorette

When Kirsty first asked me to participate in this feature, I immediately knew I had to turn the rules upside down on it. Why? Because that is what I do. I’m weird like that. Anyway, I have never been much of a fan of Big Brother, but I love The Bachelorette, so I thought, “AH-HA! Let’s do The Bookworm Bachelorette!” Luckily Kirsty is a super cool lady, and she completely approved my off the grid idea. J

So our lucky Bookworm Bachelorette is 24-year-old Kylie Reed. Who is THAT you ask? Well, you will get to meet her in my novel, Waiting For Prince Harry, in Spring 2014. But she is single, looking for Mr. Right, finding Mr. Wrong, and I convinced her she might want to try The Bookworm Bachelorette to find a rock solid guy who reads. Sounds good? Still reading? Okay, right on!
Our Four Bookworm Bachelors (or do they really like books? Are they just trying to get famous by sneaking into Kristy’s blog? Are they here for the RIGHT REASONS? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.)

1. Daniel Cleaver, Bridget Jones’ Diary.


2. Noah Calhoun, The Notebook.


3. Nathaniel, The Undomestic Goddess


4. Mystery Bachelor....Stay tuned

Our JOURNEY TO LOVE begins with the men arriving at the bachelorette mansion, with Kylie waiting out front to greet them all as they step out of the limo. Kylie is so anxious, so nervous, how on earth could she possibly find her match this way...but she is a budding fashion designer, so hey, at least she looks good in a silver shift dress that would rival anything of a catwalk during Mercedes Fashion Week in New York, but I digress. Back to the arrival of our BOOKWORM BACHELORS!
The limo arrives. Hold on to your bookmarks, we are about to meet our bachelors! Bachelor number one is dashingly handsome. He walks up to Kylie, confidently, and introduces himself as DANIEL CLEAVER. Kylie nearly swoons--he’s British! She loves British men--and wait--he works in PUBLISHING? Okay, this whole reality show could have potential here.

Out comes bachelor number two. He’s very handsome, but doesn’t seem excited to meet Kylie. He introduces himself as NOAH CALHOUN but seems distracted, as if he is thinking of someone else. Hmmmm. Kylie makes a mental note to find out more about him at the cocktail party.
Bachelor number three steps out--wow, another hot guy, Kylie makes a mental note to give the casting agents a big high five--and says his name is NATHNIEL. Ooooooooooooooooh, another British man! They really did read over her questionnaire, because Kylie did say Prince Harry was her ideal man...

But where is the fourth bachelor? Kylie waits, but no one else is stepping out of the limo. Hmmm. Oh, well, there are three hot contestants inside so missing one is no loss.
Kylie heads inside to drink champagne and get to know her bachelors. And right away she becomes disillusioned with the whole process. She gets the vibe that Daniel is here to promote his business. Noah is not over some girl named Allie. And Nathaniel keeps talking about gardening and Kylie quickly realizes there is not one man here she’d give a bookmark to--
Suddenly in walks PRINCE HARRY. Kylie is stunned. Prince Harry? What is he doing here? Wait, who cares? IT IS PRINCE HARRY PEOPLE. Prince Harry is hot, adventurous, athletic...ideal man, ideal, ideal, ideal! Kylie crosses the room toward him, and Prince Harry toward her. No conversation is needed. He extends his hand to her, Kylie places her hand in his and no one else exists.
“Prince Harry, will you accept my final bookmark?” Kylie asks.

And just as Prince Harry is about to answer, Kylie’s alarm clock begins blaring.
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Kylie sits up and looks around. She’s in her bed. In Dallas. And there is no Prince Harry in sight...
It was a dream.
Damn it.

*Cue Cliffhanger Music Here*
Will Kylie find her Prince Harry? And more importantly, will he READ?
You can find out in Waiting For Prince Harry, coming Spring 2014 from Soul Mate Publishing and available at

XO Aven

A big thank you to Aven, tomorrow join Holly Martin in 'The Book House'

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