Friday, 29 November 2013

A Little Help From a Friend by Darlene Deluca

To inspire you for the weekend is author Darlene Deluca.
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How do you keep living when life beats you down again and again? When you ache with such a deep sadness you can hardly get up in the mornings? When an unexpected blow throws your entire world into chaos and confusion?

Claire, the main character in my novel “The Storm Within,” faces all of these things. Some people would turn to faith; others would become depressed. Some may actually commit suicide. Claire turns to alcohol to numb her mind and feelings.

She doesn’t intend to become an alcoholic, of course. But a little wine takes the edge off, helps her sleep, gets her through the long, lonely days when she has too much time and too many memories.

What does it take to bring someone back from the brink of self-destruction? Inner strength? Another traumatic event? A near-death experience? Family and friends? Or maybe some combination of all of those things?

Claire is lucky. She’s got a daughter and a BFF who love her and are pulling for her. Is that the key? Having other people to root for you, encourage you, hold your hand, maybe even kick your butt if you need it?

Readers have told me they love Mary, Claire’s best friend. What do they see in her? Someone who goes out of her way to help. Without question, she gives her time, her energy, her love. She cares for Claire with humor, compassion and intensity. I hope Mary is inspiring. I hope as readers get to know her and journey with her through Claire’s heartaches and troubles, they are inspired to be that kind of friend. The kind you can depend on – no matter what.

Thank you Darlene

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