Thursday, 14 November 2013

Erin's talking inspiration!

Today talking about Inspiration is Erin from (@erinschoicee on Twitter)


When I saw that Kirsty was running an "Inspiration Month" on her blog The Love of a Good Book, I thought it was something I was interested in. Then I read what had inspired Kirsty and felt kind of honoured to be taking part in something ran by someone who in themselves is completely inspirational.

I thought I would share a bit about what inspired me to start my blog. There are two people who gave me a) the strength and b) the courage to do it.

Firstly, my papa who sadly passed away in June this year. Last September, my papa lost his wife of 64 years. They had been together nearly 3 times my entire life and that's a long time to live with and love someone. After we all got over the shock and settled back into a life without my gran, my papa started to show his true strength. Everyday my papa would surprise me. He started to go to a lunch group in one of the other local churches, he went out for dinner with his retired colleagues and attended Christmas lunch with his fellow residents from the sheltered housing scheme he lived in. He tried new things, his first Indian buffet, his first Chinese takeaway - all at the age of 91. He lived every day after my gran died with a strength I haven't ever seen in anyone else, and can only hope to replicate myself.

Secondly, my best friend in the whole world, also called Kirsty. One of our other friends had started a blog and I'd always fancied the idea of having one, but worried about not having anything to say. When I floated the idea of having a book review blog Kirsty told me to go for it. Her unwavering confidence in me to make a good go of it decided it for me and so here I am writing a guest post for another blog! So exciting. I never would have thought I'd be chatting to authors, interviewing them about their books to post on my blog. It's fab - plus, most book bloggers seem to be massive Ryan Gosling fans so I fit right in!


"Don't let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game"

Thank you Erin for sharing such a lovely inspiration piece and an inspiring quote

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