Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fate & inspiration with Joanna Gawn, of The Lazuli Portals

Today I've got one Joanna Gawn, of The Lazuli Portals talking about inspiration.

The Lazuli Portals are Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson.
The first novel in the series, The Cordello Quest, is available here.
Mosaic of Light, the second book, is currently being edited.
Joanna and Ron also write short stories, published as The House of the Stormwind , and (free of charge) Crystal Fire and Water .
They also publish flash fiction and other short tales on their blog.


Written by Joanna Gawn, of The Lazuli Portals

Starry skies and synchronicities. A camping event for a group of classic car owners. I could never have known that, one day, they would result in me writing my first novel - let alone in partnership! But the universe works in mysterious ways . . .and this was just the beginning of what’s become an inspirational and life-changing journey.

I’d gone along to this car club camping event with my new boyfriend (a daft label when you’re both over 30!), not really knowing what to expect. What I didn’t expect was to begin chatting to one of my husband-to-be’s long-term friends - Ron - and to find out that we had loads in common. We were exchanging ideas, insights and thoughts as though we’d been friends for many lifetimes. (Tip: this usually means that such a meeting is not a coincidence, but is likely to be important to you both. These meaningful coincidences are often known as ‘synchronicities’.)

When I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, Ron offered to ‘have a look at it’. Without touch, simply through examining my energy field (“my what?!”), he zeroed in with effortless precision on the exact spot where the muscle had twisted, and lightly touched it with his fingertip. This fascinated me - it was like being shown the door to a completely new world that he could see . . . but of which I could only catch the most fleeting glimpse. My shoulder pain healed and my mind now held a relentless curiosity to discover more about this ‘energy healing’ process . . . about the world of imperceptible energy.

After the camping event, Ron and I stayed in touch by email, chatting about philosophy and metaphysical ideas, and over the years (and with the advent of Facebook) I discovered more about energy and healing and synchronicities. I was ill with M.E. and conventional medicine wasn’t helping. I learned simple pranic healing techniques, then reiki, acupressure, working with the energies of crystals, and other subtle-energy techniques. My perception of the world changed as I began to sense the flow of universal energy in and around me - and to learn to direct it.

By this time, Ron and I were best friends. He lent me his copy of the book The Celestine Prophecy which prompted deeper discussion of synchronicities, the exchange of energy, and other interesting ideas. This was all new ground for a woman who’d graduated in mathematics, studied computer science and astronomy, and liked to create spreadsheets!

In November 2010, I mentioned - again - that I loved to write stories, but that I had no plan, no direction. Ron decided to get me up and running: he jotted down a few opening lines, and that evening I wrote the first chapter of what was to become our first novel, The Cordello Quest. We had no plan, no idea of what we would write; the book flowed into being. We wrote of natural magic (the universal energy), of parallel worlds and stone circles, of crystals and legends, of awakening to energies beyond what we’d first known. (Tip: writing is much more fun when you write about subjects for which you have a passion!)

From that one so-called ‘chance meeting’ came fulfilment of a dream: writing and publishing a novel. And from that . . . well, who knows? We’re editing the second novel, we’re attending Writers’ Circle meetings, we’re posting stories and flash fiction on our blog. We’re thoroughly enjoying the journey, and remaining open to new synchronicities and inspiration. What better way to live? :)


Thank you to Joanna


  1. Thanks so very much for hosting us today, Kirsty, and for allowing us to share our inspiration with your readers. I'm loving your Inspiration Month - and it's been a pleasure working with you. :)

  2. Gorgeous post Jo - love how you met, what your doing and the way you think the term 'boyfriend' is a daft one too, lol! xxx

  3. It is a spiritual wonder that adversity is often the catalyst to greater awareness and experience. Like the Tao says, freedom lies within the restriction.
    Joanne, it is amazing that all it took for you to write your book was some short ideas or themes from Ron: This is a great example of how thin the veil is between spirit and matter, between stasis and animation.

  4. Thank you, Shani! Ron and I think it's a pretty cool story, too - but then we would! ;) Thanks for reading and for your lovely comment. xx

  5. Paul, I agree. So many things led me to discovering a new spirituality, many of them challenging - and they were all in perfect timing. As, of course, was the trigger for starting to write, and the way the book itself channeled the energy as it was all brought together.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)

  6. Thank you so much for taking part, it was lovely to have you featured on The Love of a Good Book! X