Thursday, 7 November 2013

Feeling inspired with Lisa Dickenson

Today talking about inspiration is author Lisa Dickenson, you can connect with Lisa at her website or on Twitter: @LisaWritesStuff


I’m going to level with you, Love Of A Good Book readers: sometimes when I sit staring at my laptop, still in my PJs at 3.43 in the afternoon, chewing on Haribo, I don’t feel inspired. I feel like I want to read Buzzfeed, or watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, or pick at a scab. Basically do absolutely anything other than try and give my character something interesting to do.
And that’s because what really inspires me, what really gets my creativity a-spin, is holidays. Getting away from those everyday things in my life. Being somewhere completely different and having new things to see and new people to stare at. I love my home, and my little town by the sea, but sometimes it’s hard to get inspired when there are so many distractions (or procrastinations).


This summer I spent a little over a week in a holiday home up in the Hollywood Hills. It had spectacular views, big chunky wooden furniture and a terrace with wide, wicker furniture. Nearby was Runyon Canyon, with long, windy walks and LA locals running up and down, working on their fitness, exercising their dogs. And every day, I felt inspired. The brand new places, sights and people gave me endless ideas – be it for individual scenes, as I sat eavesdropping on a couple of media types as they brunched, or for whole stories as I sat on that terrace and looked out across the city, imagining all those thousands, millions, of people in front of my eyes who all have different, interesting lives and families and stories. What were they all up to? Who’s doing what? In a gust of fresh, holiday air the cogs begin turning again. The stories and ideas start forming.
But inspiration isn’t just about thinking about other people’s lives, it’s about your life. These big views – be they of sprawling Los Angeles from high up on a hilltop, glittering New York from the top of the Empire State, or of a whopping beautiful beach in Cornwall – don’t just inspire fiction, they inspire me to be better and to follow my dreams. The lady with the dog jogging past, she’s inspired. She’s inspired to be fitter, a better version of herself. The guy surfing is inspired to spend some him-time with the ocean.


DON’T PANIC. I’m not suggesting we all have to jet off to LA and live in a magical Hills home together, like we’re in some millionaire’s writing cult, (although how cool would that be??). What I’m saying, among all this babble, is that if I need to be inspired for my books, or just inspired to keep going, to follow my dreams, I step away from the laptop. It’s not practical to go on a holiday every few weeks (my day job would be very annoyed at me) but I know that when I can get away for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, that’s when I feel alive and therefore where my stories come alive.

A huge thank you to Lisa, I'm feeling inspired to book a holiday!


  1. Seeing new places, I think, triggers us to refresh our perspective in general, as well as recharging those creative (and other) batteries!

    Lovely pics, with so much vitality! And with the weather we've been having in Devon the last few weeks, I can understand the need to get away to something a little ... brighter ... now and then. ;)

    Thanks for the reminder to balance work with rest, and old with new. :)

    These Insipration posts are great, Kirsty - I'm chuffed to have be part of it. :D

  2. Thanks so much Joanna! Hope you have a lovely holiday feeling whatever you're up to today! And I know what you mean about the weather in Devon... :) xx