Monday, 25 November 2013

How I've changed


On the 1st of November I shared with you what what inspired inspiration month. .

I mentioned that after what happened, I started saying yes to more things, I started realising that things can't be put off and chances should be taken.

You see I've always been inspired by my family and encouraged to follow my dreams but the person that held me back was myself, I'm my own worst enemy.

If I could worry about 100 things instead of 1, then I would.
I could find worries in all things and that's not healthy.
I know over the years I've turned down chances because I've let my imagination run away me.

I would tell people to follow their dreams but I wouldn't follow my own.

After my surgery, I started looking at things differently.
Yes I still worried (I still do) but turning down things left regrets and taking them up left memories and sometime truly amazing ones!

I'm going to share with you a few things I've done since then (in order of how I did them):

I've flown in a helicopter, it doesn't seem like a big deal but this is something I'd always loved the idea of doing and finally I did it!


I set up my blog, yes I love reading, yes I love the sense of pride it's given me.
But it takes a lot to put yourself out there and share you words.
I can only glimmer a tiny bit of what an author must feel.


I drove a water taxi, this was something I absolutely loved, something that left me with a sense of exhilaration and the fact I had passengers made it even better.


I had a holiday romance, worrying meant I even closed my heart off to opportunities.
Now I knew my holiday man wasn't going to be the love of my life, but it certainly made for a fun summer.

I went abroad on my own. I actually did this twice this year. I flew to Cyprus, where I spent a week and then I flew onto Greece (this should've been for work, if you've read my book moment,, you know why I came home)
Then in August I went to Turkey on holiday, on my own and oh what an experience.
Yes I missed my family and friends. But I made new friends, I met some amazing people, danced on a bar, ran karaoke behind a bar, was given a dozen red roses and drank with some rather nice policemen.


I've done many things I didn't think I could do and it's amazed even me.
They may not sound a lot by some people's standards but to me they are.
I've surprised myself and showed a strength I didn't think I had.

There's still so much I long to do and see, but I know now, that with every new experience I learn something new about myself, I'm enjoying discovering who I am and what I can achieve.

I suppose you could say I'm inspired to be me!



  1. What a heart warming post! Well done, you x

  2. You are truly one amazing woman who has gone through a lot--but come out stronger for it. I'm going to keep this post and show it to my daughter when she is a teenager as proof she can do anything if she is brave like you.

  3. I'm teary eyed reading that, thank you for saying such an amazing thing. It means more than you will ever know xxx

  4. Wow! Get you! You are so right! We have to get out of our own way and just do the things we want to do! A really inspirational post. Well done you! You've definitely given me a well needed kick up the bum! Thanks xxxx

  5. Fab post! Love it! Well done you! I've started saying yes to things that scare me! Its the only way to live now!