Friday, 29 November 2013

Inspirational Giveaway

On Monday I shared with you my review for the inspirational read Another Alice by Alice Peterson.

Today I'm launching a giveaway to win a copy of this wonderfully inspirational read.
The giveaway is open to everyone, I will be sending the book via Book Depository (thanks to their worldwide delivery)


All you have to do, is leave a comment below about what inspiration means to you.

Giveaway ends at midday on the 6th of December 2013 and winners will be chosen at random.



  1. I find inspiration everywhere, the small every day things that keep me going, a smile from my baby, "I Love you mommy' from my eldest, a hug from my hubby. It's a force that keeps me going and the boost I need to make it through difficult. Everyone needs inspiration, it's that little spark that ignites everything, that makes us do better things and be a better person. It makes us create, and through our creations we'll live eternally. :)
    It's been great reading your posts this month hun, keep up the great job and thank you for the fab opportunity to win this book. I heard it's awesome and look forward to reading it. XX

  2. I find my little girl inspiring. She is so full of the sheer joy of living in the moment and reminds me of the importance of enjoying every precious moment of this life. She also inspires me to want to make the world a better place in however small a way so the world is better for her future :)

  3. My neighbour has been totally inspiring in encouraging me to finish a half-started novel and helping me see it through to publishing on Amazon.

  4. I find inspiration from lots of different things. From the books I read, from my family and friends even my coworkers!

  5. I am inspired by so many people and for so many reasons, could probably write a book about
    Molly-Rose nearly 21 months and her speech and learning off things & people in life astound me. Babies come as a blank canvas....then they have to learn absolutely everything.
    My daughter, Laura, 21 manages her home, toddler & work, now a single parent. I was at the that was inspirational, seeing your own flesh & blood bring new life into the world, she didn't make a fuse, just using gas & air....this is a girl who was hysterical if when younger she had to have an injection. She breast fed Molly until she was 17months....that's good for a young mum.
    I work as a receptionist on a delivery suite in a believe me, EVERY shift is inspirational....from the midwives making the right decisions & the Drs who perform miracles
    My boys are inspirational both different natures but both loved by everybody who knows them.
    Mum & Dad, who have both sadly died far to young....for being my parents.
    The most inspirational person is my husband, after me suffering several life changing situations, he has always been there.....I'm not perfect but he is beside me in bed, every morning when I wake up.
    Lastly people who I have never met, apart from tweets on twitter, when you make proper friends, they confide in you, some have such sadness which they have endured in life...
    Most people are inspirational xxxx
    Thank you for the chance of the book. Xxxx

  6. Inspiration is find something new and wonderful that helps me be more creative and a better person
    I find inspiration in the kids I teach, they amaze me every single day

  7. Inspiration means to me gladness and joy with what I´m doing. Inspiration gives me the reason to do things and gives happiness to my life :)

  8. Personally, I find inspiration in many forms. I find inspiration in nature: a sunset, calm rain, summer breeze, changing colors of leaves in the fall, and in the gentle sprinkling of snow. I also find inspiration in interaction: animals with their young, children playing on a playground, couples holding hands, and particularly in the bond of different generations, such as grandparents and their grandchildren. Maybe it has a lot to do with the strong bond that I have with my Gma, but I get inspiration from the difference in their life experiences and how they tend to bond over that. I love reading because it is an endless source of inspiration, especially when I can relate to a character. Lastly, I get a lot of inspiration from prayer. I am only halfway through my twenties, but I have (finally) learned that when I pray, I release control over a situation. It is an incredible experience to be able to give my situations, concerns, worries to God and know that He has already had a plan for it all.

  9. I find inspiration everywhere. We are aurrounded by truly inspiring people every day x

  10. Congratulations Janice.
    You've won a copy of Another Alice. Please could you email me on
    With the address you would like it posted to.