Friday, 1 November 2013

Introducing inspiration month!

Hello everyone, I hope you've had a happy Halloween and are looking forward to the weekend.
Today I wanted to tell you about Inspiration Month!

Throughout November I'm going to be sharing with you inspirational reads, inspirational interviews, giveaways and guest posts on 'inspiration'


I want to share with you what inspired 'inspiration month'

If you had spoken to me a couple of years ago I was always talking about things I'd like to do, see or say and it was always tomorrow, in the future, eventually.

Then on the 25/11/2011, I went into hospital for routine knee surgery, I wasn't afraid I knew what to expect, after all I'd had the same surgery on my other knee in June.

Little did I know that during this surgery, one injection would leave me with a whole new perspective on life.

Whilst under anaesthetic I was administered a painkiller, a painkiller that it turns out I'm allergic to.
I remember coming around from surgery and not being able to open my eyes, I could hear people but not focus to see them, I was cold and remember the weight of the blankets they put on me as my temperature dropped.
But what I remember most was the heart monitors and someone yelling for me to breathe.
My mum has since told me that when she was allowed to see me on the ward, I was pale but covered in purple marks.

When I became coherent I was told that I had suffered a severe allergic reaction.

I spent a couple of days in shock, playing over the events in my head and then my brother, sister in law and toddler niece came to see me.
My niece approached me with her dolls pillow and put it behind my head. She then turned to my family and said 'Aunty Kirty's poorly'.
It was with that action that I started to cry, I battled for over 2 hours in recovery and if I hadn't, there was so much I would of missed out on.

I have always acknowledged how wonderful my family are and the thought of missing out on things with them terrified me. I have the most beautiful precious niece who makes me smile every day and I want to watch her grow.

But that day also made me realise that I can't keep putting off things, I need to take chances, live for the moment and take inspiration when it comes.

It took me nearly losing my life to realise I needed to start living it, so today take a chance, do something that makes you smile, tell someone you love them and live your life.

And as for me the 25th of November 2011 isn't the day I nearly died, its the day I started living.

I will be posting again on the 25th of November but until then I leave with you with what inspires others, book reviews and interviews!

Have a truly wonderful day xx


  1. Wow! **sniffs** You rock, my friend!! And I am so proud to know you! Love you! Xx

  2. Fab post Kirsty! Truly inspirational, and I look forward to the rest of the feature! X

  3. wow..... wow.... wow... not sure what else i can say to that lost for words xx

  4. Inspirational post, Kirsty, and so pleased to be sharing Inspiration month with you :)

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  6. Thank you lovely, love you too xx

  7. Thank you, I hope you're enjoying Inspiration Month x

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