Thursday, 21 November 2013

Laura loves to be inspired

Today talking about inspiration is the fabulous Laura, You can connect with Laura via her blog or on


When Kirsty first mentioned the idea of inspiration month I was a little disappointed. I couldn’t think of anything to write because unlike some of the other fabulous people who have written a piece, I’ve never really had anything ‘major’ happen to me in my life that has become a great source of inspiration!

However, I thought long and hard and realised that actually, so many people inspire me and you don’t need to have gone through a major life event to find inspiration.

Since I was little I’ve always wanted to be a writer but I’ve never felt that it was an achievable dream because I’m just not good enough. I’d sit and write short stories in notebooks and be the first person in the library on a Saturday morning to find a new book to read. So much so, each week I’d take out the maximum number of books on my library card and read them all in one week. My favourite game when I was younger was to borrow the huge a2 sized books, bring them home and sit in my bedroom and read them to a pretend group of people listening to me. If that’s not a book geek I don’t know what is! Ever since then I’ve had a huge fascination with reading and writing and I finally decided instead of dreaming about being a reviewer or writer I should actually try and make those dreams come true!

I’ve been welcomed into the writing, reading and blogging community with wide arms and all of a sudden I am seeing lots of people writing novels and getting them snapped up by publishing companies. At the same time people are telling me they like what I’m writing telling me that I have a talent. I don’t quite believe them yet but seeing people around me make their dreams come true through sheer hard work and determination makes me feel like I could one day be as lucky as they are.

So to all those fabulous authors who have taken the time to talk to me, to all the readers who have told me they like what they read and to all my blogger friends who have been behind me from day one, you all inspire me to become the best writer I can and every single time I write, I do it with you all in mind.


Thank you Laura and a big good luck cheer for you during NaNoWriMo!

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  1. I can say without a doubt you will be published one day. You are talented. Keep writing. Write your brains out and then write some more. Don't accept no. If not one house, try another. If I would have given up, Connectivity would be under my bed in an envelope. ;-) Your dream will come true. XO