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Listening to inspiration with Wendy Lou Jones

Today author Wendy Lou Jones is sharing how inspiration strikes.
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As a writer relativley new to the world of imagination, I find my ideas originating from tiny sparks. My stories grow like layers of an onion, each new idea being woven around the original nub. A chance encounter, the memory of a moment, or the reading of a book that I think ‘yes, it’s okay, but it would have been better if…’

​The ideas come from life’s little details, but the emotional inspiration, now, that comes from music. It’s like Patrick Swayze once said… you have to feeeel the music. Something about a piece just fits and then that’s it and I’m away.

​The first story I ever wrote was (I now fully appreciate) completely unsalable, but the feeling I got when I listened to one particular James Bond theme was so right for that story that I listened to it over and over again in my car, whenever I was driving.
​The idea for the novel, The Songbird and the Soldier, published earlier this year, came from two books. One was historical and written with love letters, which I adored, and one was contemporary about a soldier’s wife, which I didn’t like, but it made me think, could I write a book about a soldier? I’d been watching tumble weed pass by with my 2 previous books set around village life and so I decided to do something completely different. Having written to a soldier in the Kuwait conflict in the early 90s, I had some idea about the trials of war-torn communication and I had a friend whose husband was a CO in the army to refer to. Then sprang up my musical hero, James Blunt, perfectly suited for this particular story, and I listened to him for a whole year, over and over and (as my husband will attest) over and over again. It just put me in the right mood for the turbulent emotional story and war ravaged setting.


​The latest story I’ve handed in to my editor is a medical romance with a twist. Having been a doctor, the technical part wasn’t difficult for me, and the inspiration for the trigger in the romance was taken from a conflict I actually had with a consultant surgeon (NOT romantic, I hasten to add. Oh, no!) At the end, I had written the story, but it just didn’t feel right, and then I heard Rihanna’s song, ‘Stay’ and I was so moved by the song that I found a whole new energy to write and rewrite the story until it was good enough to see. (Fingers crossed.)

​And now I have come back to the beginning again (bar one) and am currently rewriting the 2 stories I failed earlier in my writing carrer. They are slowly improving. The ideas were taken from chance meetings and events in my own village life, but still as yet I have found no musical inspiration. And so I am waiting… patiently and someday soon I hope it will come and these stories will be written.


​Thank you for having me on here today. It’s been wonderful to listen to these songs again and think back to where it all began.


Thank you for sharing Wendy.

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