Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Inspiration by Aven Ellis

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Where do I find inspiration? Two words. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Read those. Again. Multiply it times 3,254 and square it to infinity. I mean, really, when you look at that wild, wavy hair, how can one be anything but inspired? Beauty is inspiration, right? Right! So there you go. Look at a picture of Ben and write away.

Okay, I’m KIDDING people, just kidding! (Kind of. Sorta.) But I shall talk about another kind of inspiration for the sake of this article.
Now, in all fairness, Ben’s curls did inspire the hero in my debut novel, Connectivity. Inspiration on this night came while watching Sherlock on PBS. I saw Ben and was intrigued by his looks. In particular, that HAIR. And all of the sudden, after six years of writing nothing but status updates on Facebook, I was inspired to write. I wanted to write a story that was partially set in London, with a dashing British man as the lead character. The ideas just poured from me, and soon I was taking down notes, and six months later, I finished the book. So in this case, an actor’s wavy hair inspired a character.

But what inspired the story, the rest of the book?
Don’t care? Wanna talk more about Ben? COOL ME TOO!
Gotcha! I’m kidding. But you all knew that, didn’t you?
Seriously, the main inspiration for my work—for every book I write—is young women. I really get along well with women much younger than me. I feel their lives are so rich, so full of potential—but a lot of them don’t feel that way. So I thought, what if I wrote stories about young women their age? Women trying to navigate those years after college, discovering out how things don’t always work out as planned, finding their true career path, and discovering the good man who becomes their partner in life. My heroines make mistakes. So do the men they fall in love with. But that is part of the journey. The point of all my stories is young women are strong (even if they don’t start out or feel that way!) They don’t fall for the bad boys (at least not by the time I’m done writing them, LOL) but for the good boys who treat them with the love and respect they deserve.
When young women read my work and tell me “that is me” I’m inspired. For every day the cursor just blinks at me, or my Amazon rankings go up and down, I remember those friends who said my work taught them something, made them challenge themselves, or take a risk because my heroines dug deep and found that strength, too. If I can make someone see their life is just as full of possibilities as Mary-Kate’s, that inspires me to write more stories. I always take notes from the stories of “my girls” (the Beta group that reads all my work) and I am so inspired by what they have achieved, overcome and accomplished in such a short period of time. And those themes show up in my stories, too.
And I am always inspired when someone tells me I made them laugh while reading, or they cried at the happy ending, or they want to read more about the people I have created. That always inspires me every time I sit at the computer.
So inspiration, to me, is found in young women and their stories. I’m inspired by them every day.
And, of course, a picture of Benedict never hurts the inspiration cause either.

XO Aven


A huge thank you to Aven!

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  1. I'm rather keen on Mr Cumberbatch's wavy locks, too! The tiny things which can lead to an idea - which can lead to a chapter, and then to a book - are everywhere and anywhere, and I think that's one of the things I love about being a writer. Notice, listen, feel, dream . . . and your story will come.

    Love dyour post, Aven - thanks for sharing your inspiration!
    What a great series this has been, Kirsty! :)