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The Dream Cast List for Conditional Love

Today I'm happy to welcome a fellow Brummie to Love of a Good Book, Cathy is currently blog touring with

After growing up in Birmingham, Cathy went to Nottingham Trent University at the ripe old age of eighteen and five days to study European Business. Upon graduating she spent the next few years in the corporate world of marketing working on high-powered projects such as testing the firing range of SuperSoaker waterguns, adding hair extensions to Girls’ World styling heads and perfecting the weeing action of Tiny Tears. After making it onto Timmy Mallet’s Christmas card list, she realised it was time to move on and so in 1995 set up her own agency, Apples & Pears Marketing.
Avid fans of the TV series, Cathy and her husband realised their Grand Designs’ dream of building their own house in 2011. They now live in rural Nottinghamshire with their two daughters and a cockerpoo called Pearl.
This project provided the inspiration for Cathy’s debut novel Conditional Love, although it is by no means autobiographical, apart from the unfortunate incident in the boardroom! She shares her time between her marketing agency, writing and taxiing the girls endlessly from one activity to the next.
Cathy is a fan of Masterchef, strong coffee, chocolate brazils and Marian Keyes books. She is addicted to her Kindle and has an irrational fear of bananas.
Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley is available as a paperback or e-book from Amazon, published by Apples and Pears Marketing in October 2013 ISBN-13: 978-1490923765. She can be contacted on her blog on Twitter @cathybramley or on
Conditional Love on Amazon:


Hi Kirsty! Thank you for inviting me onto The Love of Good Book to talk about my debut novel, Conditional Love.
I have been given a lovely task for this blog post: if Conditional Love were to be made into a film, who would I like to be in it?
All in the name of research, I have been forced to Google such things as ‘bad boy actors’, ‘best British male actors’, ‘men with fit bodies’, for this post, I even had to have a lie down at one point – oh the sacrifices one has to make!
The first question I asked myself is whether I saw Conditional Love as a British, Richard Curtis - Love Actually, type of film or more of an American, The Holiday, sort of movie. Well, the answer is that I simply can’t choose. Love Actually and The Holiday are both films that I watch over and over and as this is a hypothetical scenario anyway, I’ve decided to allow myself two cast lists!

For copyright reasons, I’ve not included photographs of my chosen darlings but you can see them here over on IMDb:

UK cast list for Conditional Love
American cast list for Conditional Love

OK so if Richard Curtis comes knocking and wants to make Conditional Love, my debut novel into a film, here are some of the fantastic actors I'd choose…
For our leading lady, I’ve chosen the irresistible Martine McCutcheon, who plays the lovely Natalie in Love Actually. Martine would be perfect as the fun-loving, slightly ditsy Sophie.
The slightly geeky architect Nick, who prefers speaking to dogs rather than humans, especially women is a role I’d love to see James McAvoy in.
Boo hiss! Easy. Even before I was asked to write this article, I’d chosen Jason Statham to play bad boy Marc.
Emma and Jess
Sophie’s shares a flat with her two best friends who bicker constantly. For these two I’ve chosen the comedy combination of Sally Phillips for Emma and Jennie McAlpine for Jess. Sally plays Tilly in Miranda and Jennie is Fiz in Coronation Street.
Valerie and Terry
If ever a couple were not meant to be together, it’s these two – Sophie’s parents. I’ve chosen Miranda Richardson to play Sophie’s mum, the Madonna tribute singer and Robert Lindsay to play her errant father.


Now, over the pond to Hollywood, where if Nancy Meyers, Director of one of my all-time favourite films, The Holiday, cares to make a film out of my book Conditional Love, I've done all the hard work for her…
My choice is Isla Fisher Great comedy actress and looks the part for Sophie!
Remember the part Jude Law played in The Holiday? If he could reprise that for Nick in Conditional Love, I'll die happy!
I think Ryan Gosling would give just enough edge to bad-boy Marc. Plus if he's in it all my friends will definitely go and see the movie!
Emma and Jess
I can see Ashley Jensen as Emma, feisty, loyal with a sharp-tongued wit. Who can forget Melissa McCarthy in her role as Megan in Bridesmaids?! This girl is so funny and would be perfect as Jess.
Valerie and Terry
Remember Christine Baranski as Tanya in Mamma Mia? Imagine Christine as Sophie's mum, Valerie, a Madonna tribute singer in a nightclub! She would be fantastic! For Sophie’s dad I’ve chosen Alec Baldwin: just a soupcon of mystery, sensitive, protective. Yep, he'd make a great Dad for Sophie.

So there we have it; not one, but two cast lists in the bag!
So now you be the judge: which film would have you reaching for the popcorn?


A big thanks to Cathy for stopping by during her blog tour and Cathy, if you do need an assistant to help with Ryan Gosling I'd happily do it free of charge!

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