Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Little Book of BIG Wisdom by Debbie Huxton

Debbie is well known for her ‘huxisms’ – short, to-the-point, no nonsense quotes that give people the jolt they need to be honest with themselves and take the first steps to changing their lives.
They are the little building blocks of her BIG Wisdom – borne from her own experiences of meeting challenges, rising above the negative and creating a better, more enriched and fulfilling life.
She uses them in her speeches and on her motivational Twitter feed, and has been told time after time how they have resonated with individuals – and been a catalyst for people to dig deep and deal with stuff. They help people deal with ‘that thing’ – whatever it may be – that has been holding them back. It was this feedback that inspired Debbie to compile her Little Book of BIG Wisdom, collecting those nuggets together for people to dip into each day.
The resulting ‘Debbie Huxton’s Little Book of BIG Wisdom’ is a beautifully presented, pocket-sized gem of food-for-thought.


On Monday evening I was lucky enough to attend the launch for Debbie Huxton’s Little Book of BIG Wisdom’.
The event was an inspiring night, full of inspirational stories and positive thinking.
Both myself and my friend Holly were left in awe at Debbie's story.

The evening was touching, heart warming and truly inspiring.

I took a few pictures of the event:
(One of my favourite quotes.
Debbie sharing her story.
Holly and Debbie.
A toast to the night)


There is something magical about someone who can share their story and inspire others.
Debbie had a room full of people hanging on her every word and shedding tears with emotion.

A big thank you for inviting me and Holly for a wonderful evening.

Read on further for my review:


It's January, the month where most people find themselves looking to the year ahead and focusing on their goals for the coming months.
But sometimes to achieve the things we want in life, it's nice to have some inspiration/motivation and that's where the Little Book of BIG wisdom comes in.

In a handy pocket sized book Debbie Huxton, offers words of wisdom for help in achieving any goal and looking to the positives in life.

With wonderful quotes that can help with any occasion, this is a lovely book you carry around for when you need a gentle nudge in the right direction!




  1. A lovely post Kirsty. She sure is one inspirational lady! So glad you "get" her and found the launch event so inspirational. Thanks so much for reviewing her book. Kim

  2. A BIG heartfelt 'THANK YOU' for taking time to review my book. It was lovely to meet you and Holly. Enjoy dipping in and out of the book whenever the need arises and SMILE when you think of me. Debs xx