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Aven: My Heart Belongs to......


Today sharing where her heart belongs Is the fantastic Aven Ellis. You can get in touch with Aven on:
Twitter: @avenellis

The fabulous Kirsty has once again asked me to participate in her February Love Feature, and I said, “hell to the yes!” faster than Felix Loch went down the luge track in Sochi. (Come on now, people, it’s the Winter Olympics, keep up with me here.) Anyhoo, back to l-o-v-e yes yes?
When Kirsty first asked me to write about love, I had one idea and one idea only. I wanted to talk about what the love of writing has given me, and it’s way more than I ever expected.
I have had a love of writing going back to when I was ten years old. I would write stories on notebook paper and tuck them away in my desk drawer. I always had ideas for characters and stories and the places I could go with them via the written word.
When I was a teenager, the stories became sharply focused on one thing: love. Not just love, but a love that changed people and resulted in a happily-ever-after. My stories were--and still are--stories of two people finding each other, bringing out the best in each other, falling in love, being torn apart, and then realizing that no matter what is stacked against them, they want to face it together. A formula as old as time, but one that I’m happy to write. People know what to expect when they pick up an Aven Ellis book, and I’m happy that they know what they are going to get going in. But the heart of all my stories is the love the two characters share. I’m a romantic at heart, and my stories are romantic, too.
My debut novel, Connectivity, is about the love that William and Mary-Kate found with each other. When I was writing them, I felt the magic on the page and I knew this book had potential to sell. But what I didn’t know then is that the love I created in writing that story would lead me to some of the greatest friendship loves I have ever known.

Connectivity did sell--Soul Mate Publishing purchased it a few months after I finished it--and then I began the unknown journey of promoting myself as a new author and my new novel. So I got on Twitter and began searching out book bloggers to request book reviews. I felt amazed each time I got a “yes” reply. But I got so much more than a book review. I found lifelong friendships with some amazing young women around the world. These are now friends I love, friends I never expected to have in my life, but friends I now can’t live without.
To me, friendship love is critical to happiness and well-being. Your friends are your community. They share your joys, your sorrow, they build you up when you are down, and they tell you the truth when you need to hear it. They love you. You want to log on to see what they are up to, or in my case, to send them a hot man picture just because. (I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to open up a tweet and see Henry Cavill, right?)

I love being around my younger friends. Young women inspire me every day--to write the truth about life, to show them what they can do if they put their mind to it, to encourage them to live their dreams. I love seeing women evolve into the person they truly are meant to be. That brings me joy and puts love in my heart.
So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and love, I send all my love to all the people in the book community I have met along the way this past year. Some are readers, some are bloggers, but we all came together thanks to the magic of social media, a willingness to share, and trust in a little thing called friendship love. You have all made the journey worthwhile, and I love you for it.

Xoxoxo Aven

A huge thank you to Aven xxx

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