Wednesday, 19 February 2014

BLOG TOUR: The Dead Wife's Handbook: The one thing you'd like to be remembered for

Today the blog tour for The Dead Wife's Handbook, stops here.

Not only will I be sharing my review of the book, but Hannah and myself will be sharing 'The one thing we would like to be remembered for '


Hannah says:

Of all the posts we've done on this book blog tour, this one has to be (understandably) the hardest. I thought about whether I'd like to be remembered by lots of people or just a few, by people I didn't know or only people I'm intimately connected with, for something work-related or something entirely personal. It's precisely the issue that Rachel grapples with throughout The Dead Wife's Handbook. In the end I decided that what I'd most like to be remembered for is pretty simple: I'd like to be remembered as someone who was there for family and friends when they needed me. I've always been someone who's wanted to provide a shoulder to cry on when loved ones are having a tough time. My mum and I have been through a fair amount together and I think that's made me hyper-aware of when people are unhappy or in need of some emotional support. And since good friends and family are - above all else - the difference for me between a happy world and an unhappy one, the thing I'd like people to remember me for is being on hand to help out - emotionally and practically - when I'm needed. Maybe that and being comically competitive at Trivial Pursuit!

Kirsty Says:

A couple of years ago I found myself confronted with my own immortality, up until that moment I'd never thought about what would happen when I'm gone.
I've still got so much living to do, I've started to say YES to more things and take a few more chances.

When I was 14, I lost my uncle Phillip. I saw him in hospital on the 10th of December, the next day he was gone.
Taken from our lives, no real chance to say goodbye, to tell him a million times how much I loved him, how lucky I was to have him in my life.
Many years later I still feel that loss, I miss him every day. Yet here he is, years later immortalised in my memories of him, my words and my heart.
Phil was spur of the moment, he would jump at any chance and I've often had moments where I wonder, what would he think of me, saying yes/no to experiences?
The thing with memories is that they live on through those who experienced them and through me, he will live on.

You may think I've digressed, but you see, I'm not famous and I'm not rich, I'm just me and it's through my family and friends that I will be remembered.
Which is why, the one thing I want to be remembered for, is being me.

I want to be in their hearts, their thoughts and their memories, as the book loving, wine drinking, slightly random girl.
And with every day, I want to add to the things they will remember because if in years to come someone can think about me the way I think about Phil, then I know I've left my mark on the world!


At 9:00 my review of The Dead Wife's Handbook!

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