Sunday, 9 February 2014

Charlene, My Heart Belongs to....


Today sharing where her heart belongs is Charlene from

First off thanks to Kirsty for letting me join in with her blog.

There's lots of things I love chocolate, books, wine, a good looking man!
However my heart truly only belongs to one thing, well two children.

Estelle and Lincoln are literally everything to me and I know every parent and especially every mum will say the same.

However my story is bit different.

Being a mum and being a good mum is very important to me, due to my childhood.
I want my kids to have what I didn't have. I spent many years in care to then be adopted which didn't work out. I then had an awful relationship with their dad, but my strength in life and to better it are my kids.

I'm single and don't socialise much so I'm with my kids a lot and don't get me wrong there are times when we do not get on !!!
Estelle is 12 going on 15 she has hormones flying everywhere and knows her own mind!
She'a opinionated, stubborn, nosey and I have no idea where she gets it from lol.
We do clash and have had lots of issues over the years especially since I left their dad, she had a lot of anger towards me. But things have improved and I'm very proud of the clever beautiful young lady she is becoming.

Then there's Lincoln or more often known as lynx and he is my baby.
I'm very protective of him because he has autism and often feel people don't understand him. He is a happy funny sensitive loving little boy who never says no to cuddles.
He is the only boy for me these days! His autism makes him intelligent in non academic ways and very quirky however as a single mum with no support there are hard times like when he's not sleeping or he's being aggressive.

They are completely different but I love them dearly and I like the person I have become, because of them.
I had Estelle at 18 and I honestly think if I hadn't, god knows what path I would have taken.
Its not been a easy ride and Im still learning and making mistakes but no one is perfect.

Having them gave me a family and a place to belong which is something I have always wanted.


A big thank you to Charlene for sharing her beautiful story and family pictures!


  1. You and Estelle look like SISTERS! Seriously!
    Lynx is so cute (I love the name Lincoln btw!) and hats off to you for being such a great mum :) xxxxx