Thursday, 6 February 2014



I often talk about books and sometimes wine but in this post I want to talk to you about something that I think we should all discuss, something that shouldn't be hidden behind closed doors and should be shared!
Because by sharing you are showing others they aren't alone!

So let's talk about mental health!

Today it's Time To Talk Day and I want to do just that,
Throughout my teenage years I was bullied, I found myself at one time tied to a banister, scared to move for fear of hanging myself.
I was scared to go to school, I didn't want to be that girl, the one everyone hated,
I looked in the mirror and I hated what I saw,
I cried myself to sleep every night, I tried everything of a morning to avoid going in.
I hated my thoughts, I hated what went through my head. I never realised it at the time, but I was in a depression.

People kept asking me what was wrong, to everyone looking in, I was a shadow of myelf.
To me, I was the person to be hated, I deserved what was happening,
I obviously looked wrong and that was my problem,

It took a lot from my parents, but finally they got me to talk.
And I won't say it changed straight away, because it didn't.
Sadly life isn't a Disney movie, but hearing it out loud, processing the thoughts properly.
I was able to talk it through, I realised it wasn't me.

Depression takes many forms and affects any age, ethnicity and gender.

You are not alone, we are here to listen, please feel free to talk!



  1. Beautiful post, Kirsty! You're one amazing lady and you constantly inspire me with your honesty.
    My downward spiral didn't start until I was in my 30s. I started struggling with depression and self harming when things in my relationship took a wrong turn. I have battled my demons ever since (nearly 6 years now) and have seen a couple of counsellors. I feel like I'm in a good place now and haven't cut myself since August. The desire may resurface, but I think I can fight it now. Nothing to be ashamed of, it's made me who I am now, more determined and positive than ever before!

  2. Trish, you are amazing. Such a strong and beautiful lady. Xx

  3. Sending hugs Kirsty. You're very brave xx