Sunday, 2 February 2014

Jennifer Joyce/Ruth Lynch: My heart belongs to......


Today I'm lucky enough to have Ruth Lynch telling you where her heart belongs.

*waves* Hello, my name is Ruth Lynch and I’m a fictional character from A Beginner’s Guide To Salad (but don’t tell the author that. She thinks I’m real. Yeah, I know. Completely cuckoo, right?). When Jennifer (aka Crazy Cuckoo Lady) asked me what had captured my heart, I didn’t have to think twice about it. I could have chosen a boy, but you know how the saying goes – boyfriends will come and go but cheesy pop is forever.
I could have described my love for cheesy pop (which is immense), but I decided to go one better and write a poem.

An Ode To Cheesy Pop by Ruth Lynch
When Reach comes on the radio, I really am in heaven
For my favourite band of all time has to be S Club 7.
Rachel, Hannah, Tina and Jo,
Bradley, Paul and Jon.
With your happy songs and emotional tunes,
You’re My Number One.

If I didn’t mention Steps,
It would be a Tragedy
For my heart of cheesy pop is filled
With Claire, Faye, Lisa, H and Lee.
Their songs are so catchy, and the dance moves too.
Without Steps in my life, I’d be a Deeper Shade of Blue.

Mel B in leopard-print,
Geri with hair a flaming ginger.
Tracksuited Mel C, pig-tailed Emma
And Victoria with a manicured pointing finger.
Five feisty girls who are having fun as we endeavour
To sing and dance along to Wannabe and Viva Forever.

These are just a few examples
Of the music I admire.
My love of cheesy pop
Will never, ever tire.

I hope you enjoyed my poem and that it inspires you to listen to a bit of cheesy pop today. You won’t regret it, I promise.

A Bit about Crazy Cuckoo Lady:
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A big thank you to Ruth/Jennifer for such a wonderful poem.