Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Jenny, My Heart Belongs to....


Today sharing where her heart belongs, is Jenny from http://www.jennyinneverland.wordpress.com/, you can connect with Jenny on Twitter and Facebook

When I was thinking about what my heart belongs to for Kirsty's post, all the obvious answers went through my head; my boyfriend, my family, my dog, my friends and while my heart does belong to all of those people there's one other thing that's had my heart ever since I was little girl. This thing has brought me happiness, given me hope, let me dream my wildest dreams and made me feel like I'm home again even when I feel as far away from home as possible.

This thing I'm talking about is Disney.


Most who know me know I love Disney, especially Peter Pan (hence ‘Jennyinneverland’) and whilst I do love all Disney films, it goes a lot deeper than that.
I was first taken to Disneyland at the age of 5 with my parents and although I was too small and too scared to go on any of the rides, it was still a completely magical trip.


Over 10 years later, my parents took my friend Rachel and I back to Disneyland for New Years Eve and the second I stepped foot off of that train, the memories of the place came rushing back to me like no time had passed at all. I instantly remembered how I felt in this place as an innocent 5 year-old with her whole life of possibilities ahead of her and being back there made me feel like that all over again.


A few years after that, my boyfriend and myself went and the same thing happened all over again. This was around the time I started suffering with anxiety but I realised that none of that mattered when I was there and I was the happiest I have ever been.


I have a huge collection of Disney films at home – most of them are on VHS which I bought from a car boot sale for 20p. There's pretty much a film to suit my every mood. It's my comfort blanket. My safe haven. My special place to go to whenever I'm feeling lost or sad or angry.


My favourite out of all of them has always been Peter Pan and my tattoo is the directions to Neverland. Although it's stretched a bit since I had it done from putting on weight it's not the physical appearance that means the most to me it's the underlying message that comes with it that although we will grow up and although we can't fly, we all have that little Neverland inside of us where we can go to remember the feeling of being young, invincible and where anything was possible.


Love, Jenny


A big thank you to Jenny for sharing this fabulous photos, I love that quote!

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  1. Thank you for having me Kirsty! Had lots of fun writing this :)
    Looking forward to reading everyone else's xx