Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Kelly Rufus, My Heart Belongs to...


Today sharing were her heart belongs is Kelly from http://www.compellingreads.co.uk
(Twitter: @compellingreads)

So I've been thinking long and hard about this, and its simple. My heart belongs to my children! Hands down they beat anything or anyone else in the whole world (closely followed by my husband, I guess). From the moment I knew I was expecting each of them and saw them on ultrasound scans, I had this overwhelming sense of love and this unbreakable bond which has just grown stronger and more powerful with each passing day. I can not help but look at them in amazement - sometimes it all just feels to good to be true. How on earth do these amazing little people belong to me? How on earth did I make such gorgeous, fascinating little people? Each has their own little personality and I love watching them grow and develop,

William is definitely the cheeky one - one look at his little face and I can't help but smile or laugh with him. Even when he is being naughty, the cheeky side shines through and its hard to stay cross at him.

As for Isabelle - well her little personality is still very much developing but she is definitely a mummy's girl - As soon as she spots me, her face breaks into the hugest of beaming smiles and my heart melts. They have each well and truly stolen my heart and I can not imagine life with out them, they have definitely brightened up my life :-)

Thank you for sharing Kelly, your children are beautiful

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