Friday, 7 February 2014

Laura Lovelock: My Heart Belongs to.....


Today sharing where her heart belongs is the beautiful Laura,
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I’ve spent a long time trying to write this post because my heart belongs to mainly one thing: books. But it seems books are all I ever talk about so I wanted to try and think of something else my heart belongs to and I finally decided on ‘men’.

On Saturday I did, quite possibly, the stupidest thing I’ve ever done and wrote a blog post about my hatred of being single and my desire to be one of those lucky in love types who finds their soul mate and husband before they’re 21. The response was one of mainly ‘aww, a man will love you’, ‘he’ll be a lucky man’ (these were men saying these things), if you think a man would be lucky then why not be that man!? Please. I’ll give you hugs and make you cups of tea.

I did a bit of blushing and cringing at some of the comments people made and felt thoroughly idiotic for discussing my love life on the internet. Who does that these days? Why can’t I just be normal and join and do something a little more constructive with my time instead of pouring my heart out?

And then I wondered what it was that had spurred me into writing this post. Why did I feel the need to share these thoughts with the world?

A few years ago, men were totally uncool and immature and I didn’t really care if I had a boyfriend: being single was completely fine. But over the past year, I have unexpectedly realised that MEN exist, not teenage boys or young men. Real MEN. Men who smell nice, have big hands, deep voices, stubble and the desire to be chivalrous. So used was I to those boys who would spend time checking out other girls, own a few sprouts of chest hair and a slightly incomplete beard. It was almost as though my eyes had opened overnight to this new breed of men and suddenly, I wanted one.

I wanted a man with big hands to look after me and hold me tight, a man who had stubble for me to stare at and stroke regularly and a man who actually cared about me rather than caring what level he was at on his latest playstation game.

But it appears that catching and managing to keep one of these men is easier said than done. I’ve spent the past year trying to work out what I’m doing wrong and what I need to say or do to make myself more attractive to a real man. Maybe my desperation sends them running for the hills!

I make no secret of the fact I hate being single and that I want nothing more than to find the love of my life and get married but it appears the man who is right for me is either not in my life right now or if he is he feels a bit too intimated by my awful attempts at snaring him.

So, man, if you are out there and you have big-ish hands, some facial hair and love cuddles then let’s get married.

This post has gone a little off track but to get back to the original point: my heart belongs to men.

More specifically one man, but I am yet to find him yet. So, for now, my heart belongs mainly to books, writing and chocolate. But there’s a big, soft, welcoming space for any man who is brave enough to take me on!

*reads over post and realises that I’m still sounding desperate*

A huge thank you to a Laura for sharing.

If you would be interested in dating Laura or know someone who would, you can contact Laura in the ways mentioned above or join in on twitter #FindLauraADate

She is awesome, beautiful and deserves the best!


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