Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lauren Cusack, My Heart Belongs to....


Today sharing where her heart belongs is Lauren Cusack. You can read about Lauren in The First Time We Met by Pippa Croft.
The First Time We Met is available to pre-order in paperback or purchase (from today) on Ebook on Amazon UK

Firstly, let me say that I don’t believe that any person should belong to another. Period. No matter how hard we fall for someone, or how badly we want them, we have to stay true to ourselves. Our destiny lies in our own hands.
Others may disagree but that’s just how I see things.
However, I do believe in deep and lasting love, not only between lovers, but between family and friends, and even for a cause we feel passionate about.
My heart belongs to my parents, of course, first and foremost. You might think I have a privileged life. As a senator’s daughter, I’ve travelled to some pretty cool places all over the US, Mexico, Hawaii and Europe. I have a nice, comfortable home and my own generous allowance. I know how lucky I am and I’m grateful.
But life hasn’t been simple. My father worked very hard to make the Senate. He’s a Democrat and his liberal policies have earned him plenty of enemies. One maniac decided to beat him with a baseball bat, which caused him to lose the sight of in one eye. My mother and I thought Daddy might die at one point. I’ll never forget what my father and mother have done for me so my heart belongs to them.
For a long while, I also thought my heart belonged to my ex, Todd. He was an old friend of the family and we started dating while I studied Art History at Brown University. Everyone thought we might get engaged but it all ended last summer. He wanted me to be the perfect lawyer’s wife and belittled my ambitions to study at Oxford and forge a career in the art world. When we split up, I thought I’d never meet anyone who would understand me.
I guess my heart also belongs to Picasso, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Klee and Klimt - and all those other artists and sculptors whose work has inspired me to pursue my passion for art.
But as for my heart belonging to Alexander Hunt? Any woman who gave her heart to him would be out of her mind. I’ve only seen him a few times around college but he’s driving me insane!
OK, he’s gorgeous - sex on legs - but he’s also the most arrogant, maddening guy I’ve ever met. Just because he’s wealthy, titled and an Army officer, doesn’t mean he can simply walk into my life, snap his fingers and expect me to fall into bed with him.
Just because he knows that I can’t stop thinking about him and that I tremble when he’s near, doesn’t meant that I will ever give him anything, let alone my heart...

A big thank you to Pippa for sharing where Lauren's heart belongs.

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