Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Millie Brown: My Heart Belongs to.....


Today sharing where her heart belongs is Millie Brown,

Millie is the main character from Annabel Scott’s books: Millie and the American... Her latest adventure, Millie and the American Proposal is out now on Amazon:

Yes, I know I’m such a cliché, everyone’s heart belongs to New York, but how many people can actually say it’s the city that they fell in love? Ok, so perhaps the 1.5 million people that live there and a fair few tourists, but for me - my entire adult love life has centered around there, despite me living in the UK.

Take my first boyfriend Rob, the love of my life, the one that got away, ex-boyfriend. The one who spectacularly broke my heart but it turned out he didn’t, ex-boyfriend. He swept me off my feet in the Manhattan. Not only did he show me his favourite bits that many tourists don’t see, but it was the first day he showed me who he really was and how he felt. I won’t bore you with the story - but let’s just say how we got together was epic. And how it ended was epic - but I’m so not going there with that story.

Then there’s James. Lovely James. James who is so dependable, so loveable, and so, well, James. I met him in a bar in New York. Up on the roof of a skyscraper in the open air. Picture a warm, dusky evening. The sky in pinky tones. The light reflecting off the shiny top of the Chrysler building. Delicious cocktails flowing (and flowing). And then there was me, drunk as a skunk going around pinching random men’s bums with a bun pincher. Yep, it was in that state that I met James and apparently I woo’d him.

And that was before I recently was seconded to Manhattan for work, and guess what? Whilst I was there I received three proposals... now that really is a long story. For many New York has the heart because of the shopping, the sights, the shows, the buzz, but for me there’s no more romantic place on earth. As you can see my heart totally belongs to New York.

A big thank you for sharing your love for this beautiful city!


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