Saturday, 8 February 2014

Victoria My Heart Belongs to......


Today sharing where her heart belongs is the gorgeous Victoria from Victoria loves books (@arrrgggghhhhhh on Twitter).

Well, Harry Potter (of course, I can hear Liz Sighing from here).

I was late to the Potterhead fanbase. For years I refused to read them, claiming I wouldn't read a CHILD'S book about wizards and magic. What rubbish! My husband had read each as they were released and tried many times once we were dating, to get me to read them. Nothing worked, he kept telling me
"trust me you will go nuts for them"
"Honestly they are so good"

Finally in 2010 I gave birth to a little girl, I waited for two long years and finally she was here. At home and dealing with a new born baby who absolutely REFUSED to be put down or refused to stop feeding I started to feel rather sad about a situation that was out of my control. My son was a breeze, he fed he slept and hardly cried, I was spoiled first time. So when my little girl came along I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I couldn't do anything and felt my happiness draining away.

That's when my husband handed me Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. With a huff and a roll of my eyes I gave in! So whilst I was nursing my girl I started...

From the first page I was utterly hooked and pulled into a world that made me forget my own feelings and they sort of saved me. By the afternoon i had finished the book, I was bereft, I NEEDED that second book. I had to have it right away. So my darling husband went to the library in search of the next six. Within ten minutes I was pacing the floor and genuinely on edge, what if he couldn't get them? What would I do?

A few hours later Mr Stone appeared, he had gone to FOUR libraries and gotten me the rest of the books. I've never known such joy! And so for the next week I read each book in a day. I hoped, I laughed, I sighed with happiness and sadness and sobbed my heart out as I had it broken. These books took me away from the depression I was going through and gave me another world to get lost in.

For the next year I read Harry Potter and only Harry Potter, as soon as I finished the last I picked up the first instantly. Nothing else could tear me away from those books. They took me to a happy place, they still do. If I'm ever feeling sad or lost, they are my go to books.

Once I read the books the films were next, although they miss out so much INCREDIBLE detail, I adore them. Having them brought to life in front of my eyes is truly magical and I drive my husband mad as I still watch them pretty much everyday!

Soon I had people buying me memorabilia, book marks, scarfs and cups that sort of thing. I was becoming one of THOSE fans!

Then, THEN we were given The WB Studio Tours, the most magical place on earth for any potter fan. For my birthday I was truly spoilt rotten and I was bought pretty much the entire shop. A REAL Quidditch Jumper, books, cups, magnets, hats, t-shirts, cushions, wands, pens, drinking glasses, sweets, you name it i got it.

I have since been to the Studio Tours four times with plans to go there again this year. Every single time I'm blown away by the castle and find tears in my eyes, because its breath-taking.

It may seem silly to many and it may seem stupid to say but Harry Potter is my light when I'm surrounded by darkness and my heart belongs to Harry Potter.

A big thank you to Victoria for sharing, as a potter head I can understand this love

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