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Magnificent mums!

On Sunday, wonderful mothers all over the UK will be celebrating 'Mothering Sunday'
So in honour of this special occasion, I asked some friends of mine from the twitterverse to share with you a special mum, real or fictional, the choice was theirs!

First though, is me:

The truth is, I read about so many mums in books but not one of them can compare to mine. She is my best friend, my confidante and a truly amazing woman.
My mum has supported me in everything, from deciding to move abroad to my oddball choices in men.
And when things go wrong, she is always there with a hug and words of comfort, because at times I'm sure she knows me better than I know myself.

Over the years we've faced our difficulties as a family and it's made us closer, I love spending time with my mum, sharing jokes and shopping trips.
One day I would like to have children and if/when that day comes I can only hope to be half of the remarkable woman, my mum is.
One things for sure, my children will be blessed with amazing grandparents.

Victoria from Victoria Love Books

For me in fiction there is only one mum that I would happily have as a real mum, that is Molly Weasly from the Harry Potter series.


For me Molly is exactly how I would like to be as a mum, she is kind, warm hearted, loving, patient, fiercely protective, she takes no crap and the Weasley boys know their place, but most importantly she is hardcore when it comes to anyone hurting or threatening her family.

For example....

I mean, every Potter fan cheered with joy at this part! I think that's when every fan realised just how far Molly would go to protect those she loves.

One of the things I love most about Molly is her relationship with Harry. Molly took Harry in and made him a part of her family, she treated him as if he was one of her own sons and loved him like one too. Always their to offer him help, comfort or sausages.

Where we really see how much Molly and Harry mean to each other, is in The Goblet Of Fire, when the champions have family to come and support them. Harry expects no one and opens a door to see Mrs Weasly. (I just got genuine goosebumps).

I love Molly. I love her with my whole heart and I'm so grateful to her for the love she gave to Harry. (You may think I'm nuts but I love Harry Potter as if he was real).

Megan from Reading in the Sunshine

My mum is a beautiful person both inside and out. My mum is a lady who will do absolutely anything for anyone, and she has been mine and my sister’s best friend for all of our lives. My mum helps me every day with a range of things, and she has always done SO MUCH for me and put all of her love and effort into getting me where I am today, I know if I didn’t have her I wouldn’t be the person I am now. She is always there for me and she has a heart full of love and kindness. We laugh together, we cook together, and she brightens up my life.
My mum inspires me, and I hope that one day when I am lucky enough to be a mum, that I can try to be as wonderful of a mum as she has constantly been to me.


Laura from She Loves to Read

Mums are a very important breed. They know when you're sad, are good at first aid and can keep you smiling when the rest of the world can't. My mum and I don't always see eye to eye, sometimes we fight, sometimes we can't stand the sight of each other and sometimes we want to push each other off of a cliff! But, underneath all of the fighting and the sarcasm and the mum is my rock. Whatever happens she's there for me. Be it a listening ear, a warm hug or just a friendly mum can make everything better. I love my mum and even though I don't always like her, I couldn't be without her!


Holly Martin, Author (

I love my Mom, i love her more than chocolate and thats a whole lot of love. She is my best friend. We go on holiday together, we talk almost every day, she quite simply is the best Mom in the world. She is the kindest, most generous, most patient person i know. And she really makes me laugh, she's one funny chick. She has read every single word I've ever written and loved everything about it. She has absolutely been my rock and I love her to bits. Now in books,there is really only one Mom that comes close to my Mom, Molly Weasley. I love Molly Weasley, she's proud of her children, a bit scatty, and fiercely protectiveness of those she loves which is stretched to encompass Harry, Hermione or almost anyone else who crosses the threshold of 'The Burrow'. Some of my favourite Harry Potter quotes come from Molly Weasley, so to celebrate Mother's Day here is my favourite

'Not my daughter you bitch!'

Just brilliant'


Pat (
I recently read about a lovely mum called Alice, in a book called 'Take Mum Out' by Fiona Gibson.
Alice is a single mum, with two teenage boys. She's the type of mum you'd love to have as your own. She has pizza nights with her boys, watching tv. She bakes, she listens, she encourages. When things go wrong, she's there at your side, organising help first and leaving criticism until after the peril has passed. Alice does date and is smart enough to know that only when she's herself, will she find a perfect man, for her. Alice is a wonderful Mum, one you should all meet.


Author, Rosie Blake (

One of my favourite quotes about Mum's is this from Pearl Buck, "Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same." I know my Mum falls firmly in the former category, she is a total ball of fluff you just want to hug and never let go. She is extraordinarily happy and positive and encourages me in all my ventures, however mad and however temporary ("of course you shall play the drums my love, no doubt you will reach great heights in the musical world, want to take up interpretative dance? Of course my darling, you will go down a storm and make this art form universally popular" etc). There are other mothers who teach their children in different ways and who show their love in different guises and they are wonderful and fabulous too because they all love their children. So here is to Mum's in their many forms. Love you.


Catriona from Fabulous Book Fiend

The mum I'd like to spotlight is my best friend. She is the best step mum that ever there was. Step mums don't get as much publicity as they should, and when they do it's the wicked stepmother in fairytales. My best friend is the most awesome step mum sorting potty training, first haircuts, projectile vomiting and trips here there and everywhere like no other. She does the job of a mum without being called mum and she does the best job in the world in my opinion and that is why I want to spotlight her!


A really big thank to everyone for who took part, why not tell us a mother you find inspiring, in the comments section

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  1. **sobbing**
    This time of year is always bitter sweet for me now. Since I lost my Mum in 2010, I never know if I should be happy I had her for 32 years, sad she's not here anymore or angry she was taken too soon...
    My Mum was my best friend, my co-conspirator, my sidekick and my favourite teacher. We line danced together, we baked, we talked, laughed, read, sang, shopped. Everything... And no one can ever fill that void. I am so grateful for everything she taught me and I a big part of who I am is because of her.
    This is a beautiful post, ladies! Hug your Mum extra tight this weekend, just for me? xxx