Monday, 3 March 2014

R.E.S.P.E.C.T Books!


As a book lover I've been known to gaze adoringly at my TBR pile, stroke my books lovingly and gush over their covers.

Fellow book lovers will understand the pleasure you can get from a new book. The smell, the feel, the enjoyment you know is contained within the pages.
A book can change your life, it can whisk you away to places you've never been, romance you, scare you and fill you with countless emotions!

I order a lot of books on line.
Every payday I load up my virtual basket with purchases and wait patiently for the postman to bring me my new 'babies'
I use Book Depository, Amazon and The Book People, but in February I placed an order with a company I've never shopped on line with before and they broke my heart!

I ordered 10 books and was advised that they would be coming from different locations, meaning the delivery times would be different.

The first 6 books arrived together and whilst I admired their pretty and smelt their pages I was excited about receiving the rest of my order.
Then on Wednesday I received another part of my order. As I opened the envelope and put my hand in for the book, it didn't feel right, the cover felt creased, it wasn't the smooth pretty package I was expecting.

Instead my book was yellow and damaged!


How could my new book arrive in such a state.
I contacted the company immediately and was told a substitute could be sent out.

Believing this to be a one off, I carried on waiting for the rest of my order and then today, two more books arrived.

As I opened the envelope and saw the pen mark on one of the books, I was in shock.
One damaged book is bad, Three is horrific!


My books are my pride and joy, they are my go to place when my emotions need something.
They are my escape, a huge part of my life.
I'm a proud bookworm and I wouldn't dream of harming a book, someone has poured their soul into the pages, why would I disrespect that and damage it.

A book isn't just paper, it's a journey for the mind, love it, respect it and enjoy every word!


"The author of this post apologises for the ramblings"


  1. Oh my god how frustrating! Lets hope the replacements aren't as bad! xx

  2. I totally agree with you, new books should look like new books (mine tend to look new even when they are old) I do buy second-hand books and although they are rarely pristine I can live with that. I hope the replacements are better!