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Throwback Thursday: Shaun & the Secret Seven

Today's Throwback Thursday guest is Shaun from
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About Shaun:
I am 23 (nearly 24!!) from Liverpool and in case the blog name wasn't obvious am a huge book addict! I've pretty much had a book on the go since I received my first library card and it was where I spent most weekends growing up! My two Kindles are my most prized possessions and at least one of them goes everywhere with me. I read a very wide variety of books including crime fiction, thrillers, chick lit, true crime, autobiographies, young adult, family sagas, Liverpool/London history etc. When not reading I can usually be found watching a soap or an American TV show or sleeping.

The book series which really kicked off my love for books was Enid Blyton's Secret Seven books.

I would read these books literally over and over again. One of my biggest regrets is not looking after my books when I was younger. I think they may still be in the house somewhere but the actual copies of these books I read were the exact copies my mum read as a kid in the early 1970s. They were extremely well read, with yellowed pages and even had her name written in them in pencil and a check list for the books she had and still needed to get!

The books I had are the version shown below and in fact they could be my actual copies! Sadly they aren't and are fabulous pictures I found on peonyandthistle's Flickr page, check out their website here



I absolutely loved this series of books and remember wanting to be part of the Secret Seven myself. I just loved the idea of meeting in a shed, eating biscuits and drinking home made lemonade with friends and going off and solving mysteries. One of my favourites would probably be the one where the Seven have to find a new meeting place, they have to find various meeting places throughout the series but the best one for me is the one in the cave in 'Secret Seven Win Through'. The only problem is someone else is using the cave and the Seven set out to find out who. The number one suspect of course is Jack's sister Susie who causes many problems for the Seven throughout the series. My favourite character was and still is Jack. I could relate to him when I was younger and he always stood up to Peter which I liked. The first Secret Seven book also made me afraid of the dark for a while! I

Apart from my mum's old copies I remember I would constantly have borrowed from the library the collection of the first three books and would read books 1 and 3 over and over, for some reason book 2 'Secret Seven Adventure' just wasn't a story I enjoyed reading. The rest of them however I loved and I often read them late into the night when I should've been asleep. This late night reading continued from pretty much then on and I still find myself doing it now.

Looking back as an adult at these books I read a couple of them a few years ago. The first thing that stood out is the writing! The first book was published in 1949 so the writing is extremely dated. Including words which today have totally different meanings! Another thing that stood out is just how annoying Peter is. The mystery element was still exciting though, and it brought back so many fantastic memories of reading the books as a child. I know the books were republished a few years ago with new covers but I am unsure if the content in them has changed? The actual stories I think would be great for kids today but the writing perhaps a bit dated.

Also a special mention to the honorary member of the Secret Seven, Scamper! Surely one of the best fictional dogs of all time.

A big thank you to Shaun, next week on Throwback Thursday is Jennifer Joyce

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