Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Notting Hill Diaries by Sarah Morgan


Wardrobe malfunction doesn't begin to cover it.

With a rip louder than the I dos, Hayley s hideous bile-yellow bridesmaid dress explodes. She s always had enviable curves, but nearly naked wasn t quite the look she d been going for at her ex s wedding.

She s rushed from the altar under the best man s designer tux jacket. Hayley s expecting a blast of icy disapproval from sexy, sophisticated Niccolò Rossi his usual reaction to anything she does. What she gets is a kiss that nearly melts what s left of her polyester nightmare gown.

It s impossible on a million levels. Exuberant engineer Hayley and buttoned-up lawyer Nico have never seen eye to eye but skin to skin? Oh, mio.... So when Nico shows up at her flat on Christmas Day to give her a fabulous gift himself Hayley s delighted to do the unwrapping. But it s just a holiday fling. By New Year s Day, she ll come back to her senses...unless Nico s sensual skills tear away all her resolve.


A huge thank you to Cara at Harlequin for sending me a copy to review

My Thoughts;
Well thank you Sarah Morgan, now not only do I have to make sure my bookcase has all of your books but I also have to face the fact that I'm going to be single forever, because Nico Rossi isn't real!
WHY ISN'T HE REAL????????????

First I need to apologise, although I own a lot of Sarah Morgan books, this is the first that I've read and I can assure you I will be rectifying this situation.
The only thing is, how will I cope with the heartache another hot bloodied, muscular, incredibly sexy man being ripped from my grasp again.....

The Notting Hill Diaries is two wonderful stories that follow sisters Hayley and Rosie.

Ripped shares with us Hayley's story as she embarks on a steamy tryst with a man she thought hated her.
Enter the strong, sensual and incredibly SEXY Mr Nico Rossi.

In Burned we see Rosie faced with the return of her extremely manly ex Hunter, a man who knew the real Rosie.
The chemistry is strong but so is the feeling of loss that Rosie felt when Hunter walked out of her life!

Sarah Morgan has blessed the world with a book that's charged with sexual chemistry and men that will have you running for many cold showers!

Even now I'm fanning myself just remembering a shirtless Nico Rossi and the abs of a hot Hunter.
I found my heart rate soaring, my breathing getting heavy and my mood changing when I realised these men are fictional and my hands will never touch their chiseled chests and strong thighs .....

*returns from cold shower*
Another element of the book that I loved besides my men, was the relationship between Hayley and Rosie.
The sisters were wonderful characters to read about, both of them find it very difficult to trust and I loved how this was explored throughout both stories.
They are both relatable characters although I have to admit I closed the book and I was extremely jealous of them both, I want (need) a sex life just like theirs.

Written with a wonderful pace and a terrific sense of humour, this is an incredible read that is full of sexual tension and HOT HOT MEN.


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