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Throwback Thursday: Charlene shares Dahl


Today's Throwback Thursday guest is the lovely Charlene from

As a bookworm for as long as I can remember, there are so many books I could write about but I chose this beautiful classic.
Roald Dahl as I am sure you all are aware, is able to create magic with words and it is timeless.
My son lynx has had the Roald Dahl bug for about a year now and he just loves his work. We will be visiting his museum in the school holidays and hope to watch one of his musicals. I imagine that will be amazing!!
Several of his books have been turned into films now, capturing a wider audience which in turn I am sure would create more readers.
Matilda for me connected on many levels, I have always had my head in a book and often as a child preferred the company of books.
My childhood was crap and I never quite fitted in but with books you know you aways have them.
Even to the extent of Matildas family, I could relate to that isolation and that need to learn and read.
I actally lived across the road from a library so as I got older that’s where I would always be.
This story is about family, friendships, school and magic!
I must admit I hadn’t read it for many years, so my memory was getting mixed with the film . So I read some recently to lynx as a bedtime story. I felt like a kid again.
I think the magic of this book, is that it shows how important reading and a love of reading is and how far you can be taken!

I am still a huge bookworm and still get such pleasure fom vising the library just ike Matilda did.
Whats even better is, I now have 2 little bookworms who love books …from babies they were read to. I was a young mum when I had Estelle and theres such a stigma but I like to think I exceed peoples expectations,
Even now as a single mum I still ensure they read, visit libraries and enjoy all things books.
It brings me such joy when they ask for books and have received awards etc at school for reading and enthusiasm.
Anyway im rambling.. heres some pics





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It really is a amazing magical book.
Thank you Kirsty for having me!

Thank you for stopping by Charlene, I loved Matilda, it's one of my favourite Roald Dhal books!

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