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Today I am very excited to welcome Nigel May and his blog tour to The Love of a Good Book!
Thank you so much for stopping by Nigel

The four women of Addicted don't just have their addictive demons in common, they are also lovers of music, whether they're singing it in the shower, performing in it front of thousands or hoping to forge a career in it. So for today's feature on the Addicted blog tour we decided to ask author Nigel May what the soundtrack to Addicted would be and also which tunes keep him smiling while he's creating another fabulous gritty glam fiction novel. So, tell us Nigel, what would be featured on Now That's What I Call Addicted: The Soundtrack...?


1. JASON DERULO - Talk Dirty (To Me)

"He always plays my slave and tries to shock me with subservient dirty talk"
Given the antics of one of the Addicted women and her love of getting low down and dirty I think Talk Dirty would be the perfect song of choice for her. Plus it's a big slab of fantastic upbeat dance music and one that everybody loves to dance to. And probably do a lot of other things to it too! It's very sexy.

2. DAVID GUETTA featuring KELLY ROWLAND: When Love Takes Over

"Nancy pressed another button and the radio switched over to her own CD. The soulful sounds of Kelly Rowland's voice filled the car"
Nancy is a modern girl when it comes to her tunes of choice. I think because she has had a successful music career which sadly went astray she longs to be a worldwide diva like Beyoncé or Mariah. Sadly that never happened. She is young and funky and her taste in music reflects that. Kelly Rowland is a fabulous artist and I chose her as When Love Takes Over is one of those tunes that delivers a classic summer feel year after year.

3. KATY PERRY - Waking Up In Vegas

"The backdrop of Mandalay Bay, The Venetian or The Luxor always looks magnificent. It's worked for Britney and Katy Perry. It could work for you...."
When one of the Addicted women finds herself in Las Vegas she dreams of the success that many musical stars have achieved there. Katy Perry is a huge star and the song Waking Up In Vegas is just perfect for what the character experiences when she hits the neon lit city. I went to see Katy Perry in concert recently and she was fabulous. Songs like Roar and I Kissed A Girl 
are instant classics. 

4. LADY GAGA - Bad Romance

"Have you ever seen anything so provocative, girls? It's like Lady Chatterley's Lover meets Lady Gaga..."
Parts of Addicted are set in some rather wild and wonderful clubs and immediately as I wrote the scenes I imagined countless Lady Gaga videos. Fabulous costumes, outrageous behaviour, lots of flesh on display. Her over-the-top dramatic style suited the scenes perfectly. My favourite Gaga tune is Bad Romance and there couldn't be a more fitting title for what happens to some of the ladies-in-love in Addicted


"The organisers want you to record the official theme song for the weekend. It's a duet especially written by Lloyd Webber"
Portia is asked to record a special song for a charity event and as there is no better musical composer for the kind of operatic treats Portia would sing than Andrew Lloyd Webber I decided that he should have a name check. I love a Lloyd Webber musical and The Phantom Of The Opera is one of my favourites. I could just imagine Portia and Piero singing their hearts out to it. It's so rousing and dramatic.

6. DEPECHE MODE: Get The Balance Right

"Even though it had first hit the charts when Lauren was little more than a twinkle in her father's eye, the tune had become an instant winner with her"
I was looking for a song to basically highlight a scene where Lauren was getting ready for a night out and trying to get the balance of her life with her husband and her desire to find something new and exciting. I loved the music of the 80s and immediately thought of this tune. The words fitted perfectly with what was going through Lauren's mind so I decided to turn it into her get-ready tune. Mine would be anything with a pumping dance beat.

7. PINK - Get The Party Started

" know Pink?' Martha held up a CD cover to prove her point. 'I was thinking this might keep us both buoyant on the long journey. We're not going to get there until midnight, after all"
It's one of the ultimate party tunes and seeing as Martha is one of the most free-spirited party girls ever it seems the perfect song for her, especially when you find out where she's going on the journey. It's definitely a voyage of discovery, shall we say! Pink is the ultimate singer who has continually managed to tread that thin line between being funky, cool, sassy and OTT perfectly.

8. PARAMORE - Still Into You

"Bon Jovi, Paramore, Foo Fighters, U2. All groups that Martha had in her CD collection back home in South Africa"
Martha is quite a rock chick really and loves groups like the ones listed here. I think Paramore are an excellent group, both in the way they look and sound and I couldn't write a list of classic rock acts without mentioning them. They're cool, fresh and hugely popular...just like Martha! 

9. HAIRSPRAY - Big, Blonde And Beautiful

"My best pole-dancing routine is to Big, Blonde and Beautiful from Hairspray"
One of the characters in the book is a pole dancer and struts her funky stuff in front of people in order to pay her bills. I wanted her to perform to a song that juts makes people happy and for me the Hairspray soundtrack is an absolute corker. The Big, Blonde... song is simply brilliant and makes me smile every time I hear it. The film is one of my all time faves.


"...a painted-on professional façade that attempted to disguise the toxic nature of her questioning underneath..."
There are some toxic goings-on in Addicted, what with all of the murder an mayhem and I love the fact that one of the women comes up against somebody who has an amazingly acidic tongue. Toxic would be the perfect song for her. I love a bit of Britney and Toxicis one of her best tunes. I've interviewed a couple of times when I was a journalist and I have to say she was a lot of fun. I reckon she'd love a read of Addicted

Four women, four addictions, one death....who survives..?

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