Friday, 11 July 2014

Who Are You by Elizabeth Forbes


Alex, a career officer in an elite regiment, returns from Afghanistan a changed man. He has left the army behind and is attempting to forge a civilian career as a security advisor. His wife, Juliet, is delighted. She, Alex and their son, Ben, now live in a well-appointed house in a leafy London suburb.

But all is not well. Juliet's research on the internet suggests that Alex is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but pride means that he will not seek professional help.

Finding solace in web forums, Juliet is offered the use of a cottage and is urged to remove Ben to a place of safety. After a lot of secretive planning and the financial support of Alex's mother who had suffered at the hands of her husband, Juliet and Ben escape the tyranny of their home with the hope of starting afresh...


Thank you to Cutting Edge Press for sending me a copy to review

My Thoughts:

Elizabeth Forbes brings us another dark and twisted book, that will have you turning the pages in rapid succession to discover what's happening within this compelling read.

The story follows Alex on his return to his family after serving in Afghanistan, only the man that returns isn't the one that left.
Wife Juliet and son Ben, find themselves sharing their home with a violent man. A man who not only threatens their safety but their lives too!

The shared narrative of the book builds the tension for the reader as you find yourself caught up in the thoughts of both protagonists.

The story is at times terrifying and Elizabeth Forbes is to be commended for taking an issue such as PTSD and showing the effect it has not only on the person dealing with it but also the family unit that witness the change in the person they love.

This is the second book I've read by Elizabeth Forbes and I can honestly say I will pick up anything that has her name on it, she has a wonderful way of pulling you into a troubled world and keeping you there until the very end.
The suspense, the intrigue and the pace all flow fluidly and the twist towards the end helps to culminate in what is a superb novel that is both empathetic and horrific in its telling.

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