Monday, 11 August 2014

The modern day Bridget Jones?


I am blonde and single but do these two facts make me the modern day Bridget Jones?

I will admit to having many things in common with Bridget;

I keep a journal, unlike Bridget though I don't write in it daily, my journal is like an agony aunt, the poor book has been privy to many hard times in my life, if it was a person it would need hours of therapy or a huge bar tab!

I obsess about my weight, I close my eyes when standing on the scales, that way I can guess what the numbers say and get off feeling better. I'm sure the mirror just adds 3stone! 

I love chocolate and alcohol, shocking I know! 
Who ever invented chocolate liqueurs, should be given a knighthood! 

I wear big knickers! Not as big as they used to be, the size 24 ones have shrunk quite a lot, but I can't bring myself to wear candy floss, so In comparison my knickers will always look as though they are a thong hiding behind curtains! 

The majority of my friends are smug marrieds, I love the fact that they are happy and loved up but when I've had a bad date, I just want someone to call him a twat, feed me chocolate and fuel my anger with wine, i'd rather they didn't mention their happy ever after!

But that's where the similarities end.

Bridget's probably more stable than me, she has a vague idea of what's happening in her life and at the moment I'm chasing my dreams, I'm having fun in the process I must add! 

I have no Daniel Cleaver in my life and no Mark Darcy for that matter, this fact has set off my bitter singleton and she is currently rampaging through Cadburys world. (It's ok, after several bars of dairy milk she's easily contained)

And I'm not one for mini breaks, if I'm going away I want a holiday not a taster session! 

So you see, I'm blonde and single but I'm me!

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