Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Frozen Heart, Melting Kiss by Ellie Darkins


Shy and vulnerable Maya Hartney has one great passion – cooking. But when hired by workaholic Will Thomas to cater a charity dinner, she can do no right. Her only solution is to sign him up for her cookery course and force the man to fall for her food. Except sometimes just one taste isn’t enough…


Thank you to Ellie for sending me a copy to review 

My Thoughts:

Ellie Darkins has written a wonderful debut novel that will leave you wondering, is food the key to love?

Maya Hartney runs 'Maya’s Delight' a successful company which is not only a catering company but also the host to residential courses that teach people to cook. 
Maya is happy, she enjoys making good food for others and loves watching them enjoy her culinary delights.
That is until she meets Will Thomas.....

The story explores both Maya and Will's pasts and allows you to understand their current mindset,
 I really liked the chance to learn more about their past hurt and rejections because they are both likeable characters. 

Frozen Heart, Melting Kiss is one of those delectable reads that you can devour in hours. 
With a wonderful mix of characters and blended with good intentions, this read will leave you satisfied. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

One Step closer to You by Alice Peterson

After Polly ends her relationship with the father of her young son, Louis, she is determined to move on. All she wants is to focus on her job, her friends and to be a good mum. No more looking over her shoulder. No more complications... 
Then Polly meets Ben. 
Ben is guardian of his niece, Emily. They become close, with Polly teaching Ben how to plait Emily's hair, and Ben playing football with Louis. Their friendship is unexpected. Polly’s never been happier.
But when Louis's dad reappears in their life, all Polly’s mistakes come back to haunt her and her resolve weakens when he swears he has changed.
Will she give herself a second chance to love?


A big thank you to Ella at Quercus for sending me a copy to review.

My Thoughts:

Yet again Alice Peterson has managed to alter my perspective and leave me astounded by her incredibly thought provoking story! 
As with every book Alice Peterson has written, you find yourself on a journey, a journey that travels through many emotions.
Within the pages of 'One Step Closer to You' you find your emotions on the 12 step programme as you journey with Polly, our main protagonist.

Alice Peterson has a unique ability of taking her characters and allowing you to see every angle of their life, their flaws are open for all to see and it's with this ability that you fall in love with them, because they are characters who experience difficulty and face it head on.

In every story there is a strength that is inspiring.

One Step Closer to You, shares with us a timeline from both the past and present, allowing us to see why Polly is in her current situation.

Polly is an incredible character to discover, yes there were times when her actions annoyed me but she always managed to win me back around.
I love how she is with son Louis, it is evident that she has focused on changing her whole life for him and the way in which she welcomes Ben and his niece Emily into her life had me smiling. It felt as though they switched a light on in each other's life.
The story deals with some deep and at time dark issues but there is a lightness added throughout in the presence of Louis and Emily, the innocence of youth who have faced tough times already. 

Not read anything by Alice Peterson before, then I recommend them all!
I don't even read the blurb now, if it's got Alice's name on it, then you know It's going to be a winner!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

After by Anna Todd


Anna Todd's After fan fiction racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the Internet's most talked-about book, now newly revised and expanded, for yourself! 

There was the time before Tessa met Hardin, and then there's everything AFTER...Life will never be the same. #Hessa Tessa is a good girl with a sweet, reliable boyfriend back home. She's got direction, ambition, and a mother who's intent on keeping her that way. But she's barely moved into her freshman dorm when she runs into Hardin. With his tousled brown hair, cocky British accent, tattoos, and lip ring, Hardin is undeniably hot! But he's also rude - to the point of cruelty, even. For all his attitude, Tessa should hate Hardin. And she does - until she finds herself alone with him in his room. Something about his dark mood grabs her, and when they kiss it ignites within her a passion she's never known before. He'll call her beautiful, then insist he isn't the one for her and disappear again and again. Despite the reckless way he treats her, Tessa is compelled to dig deeper and find the real Hardin beneath all his lies. He pushes her away again and again, yet every time she pushes back, he only pulls her in deeper. Tessa already has the perfect boyfriend. So why is she trying so hard to overcome her own hurt pride and Hardin's prejudice about nice girls like her? Unless...could this be love?


My Thoughts:

I wish I knew where to start, apart from what I read in the blurb I knew nothing about this story. Then I mentioned After in a tweet and suddenly I'm being told that what I'm reading glorifies abuse, features rape and is based around One Direction.
Panic set in, how can I do this, it goes against everything I've ever read, seriously I'm about to read a book about One Direction! 
Now let's get this out there, I am not a One Direction fan, my knowledge stretches to knowing that the curly haired one dated Caroline Flack.
The truth is I don't care who the characters were originally based around, because this book is a work of FICTION.

I feel I need to address the rape and abuse allegations that flit around social media regarding this book.
Within the pages of After you are pulled into a story of love, now this isn't the Disney love story we grew up believing in but then again we also don't have genies living in lamps.
What Anna Todd has created is a story of love that's so consuming the characters can't control their emotions, BOTH characters use things against each other and in some cases their love and hate divide walks a very fine line.
There is no glorifying of abuse or rape within the pages of After, 
Todd has captured the emotions and thoughts of Tessa Young our main protagonist in ways that allow us to see the inner turmoil she at times experiences.

Tessa is about to embark on a new life at college. leaving behind her mother and boyfriend Noah, 
But college doesn't introduce Tessa to like minded people, instead she meets roommate Steph, a tattooed party lover who has a whole crowd of friends she is willing to share.
One of these being Hardin, a guy who manages to get under Tessa's skin.

I'm torn on how to describe the characters because I didn't particularly like Hardin or Tessa. At times they both annoyed me and there are moments where I hated Hardin and everything he did.
That being said there is a great mix of characters throughout this story, from the manic Molly  to the loveable Landon and let's not forget nice Noah.
But despite my lack of love for the characters I could not put this book down, it was the emotion that drove this book for me and it's that which has left me desperate to read more.

There are elements of this book that shocked me, facts that disgusted me but hand on heart I loved it.
With its short chapters this 592 page story is definitely a quick read, there was life before this book and then there was everything AFTER! 


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cover Reveal: The Prophecies by Holly Martin

The Prophecies, Book 2 of The Sentinel Series by Holly Martin will be published on October 1st, a week today and here is the stunning cover.


I freakng love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About The Prophecies: 

The world is a big place, will Eve really be the one to save it?
Eve grows stronger and more powerful every day as she strives to ensure she is ready to face her destiny. But some of her gifts are unwelcome.  Eve's visions of the future become darker and those she loves are in terrible danger. But when her actions result in tragedy, Eve is called before The Oraculum, the council that created her
When she is summoned to their castle she becomes aware of a rift between the council members that not only could endanger her life, but could put the whole planet at risk. Would The Oraculum really turn against her and risk everything?
But in the darkness, a light burns bright. Her love for Seth is stronger than any of her powers.
But as she battles against a new threat, can she really forsake those closest to her in order to save the world?  Will everyone Eve loves survive?

The Sentinel, Book 1 of the series is only 77p/99c so if you haven't read it yet you can download it here http://myBook.to/TheSentinel

Everything Changes But You Karaoke Song List

In Everything Changes But You, Ally and her friends meet up at their local pub for karaoke night every Tuesday so I’ve put together a song list from the book:

Mustang Sally (The Commitments)
Eternal Flame (The Bangles)
Like A Virgin (Madonna)
Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
The Edge of Glory (Lady GaGa)
Somethin Stupid (Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman)
Firework (Katy Perry)
Whole Again (Atomic Kitten)
Get The Party Started (Pink)

Jennifer Joyce is a writer of romantic comedies who lives in Manchester with her husband and their two daughters. Everything Changes But You is her second novel and is available as an ebook now.
You can find out more about Jennifer and her books at

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan


This winter, ex-skiing champion, reformed heartbreaker and single dad Tyler O’Neil has only one mission—making sure his daughter, Jess, has the best Christmas ever. The fact that his best friend, Brenna, is also temporarily moving into his chalet at the overbooked Snow Crystal resort is a delicious distraction he’s simply going to have to ignore. Theirs is the one relationship he’s never ruined, and he’s not about to start now.

Ski pro Brenna Daniels knows all about the perils of unrequited love—she’s been in love with Tyler for years. But living with him is absolute torture…how can she concentrate on being his friend when he’s sleeping in the room next door? Then when Tyler kisses Brenna, suddenly the relationship she’s always dreamed of feels so close she could almost touch it. Could this be the Christmas her dreams of a happy-ever-after finally come true?

A big thank you to Cara at Harlwquin for sending me a copy to review!

My Thoughts:

I always said I wouldn't date a guy with children but seriously I would break this rule for Tyler O'Neil.

Tyler, how about we give Jess a sibling?

I knew the O'Neil brothers were HOT, there is no denying that they have AMAZING genes in that family, but something about Tyler instantly won my heart.

Maybe it's the way he is with his daughter or the cocky bravado he puts on, whatever it is I know now that I will have many dreams about this man. 

Sarah Morgan has a gift for writing hot book boys and it's got me wondering if she bases them on real people, if men like this really exist and if so, what area might I find them in? 

Ok, so I will admit the book wasn't just about Tyler, it had Jackson and Sean in it as well, three HOT brothers all in the same pages, lounging around in their boxer shorts and flexing their muscles, whilst I run their shower! 

*comes back to reality* 

The truth is, the three brothers are FULLY dressed (for most of the book)  and very eager to make their family business a success.

Along with the brothers are some other characters, who happen to be female, which means that we have to share them! 

Both Jackson and Sean are very loved up with Kyla and Elise.

Tyler has always been the player of the family, a fact that only changed after Jess came to live with him a year ago.

But Tyler isn't just coping with being a full time dad, he is also dealing with the fact that he is no longer able to compete as a world class skier thanks to an injury.

The only person who sees the inner turmoil Tyler is struggling with, is life time best friend Brenna, but Brenna is also struggling because she is in love with Tyler.  

Despite my dream being a book that's all Tyler, I do love Brenna.

I love how she gets Tyler's moods and how she is with Jess. I suppose if I had to share him with someone, Brenna is a good choice! 

A much better choice than that evil bitch Janet, I despise that woman.

The only good thing she ever did was give birth to Jess.

Speaking of Jess, she is a wonderful character and I love her relationship with the O'Neils, but the thing I love most about Jess is how she is with Luna and Ash. I couldn't stop smiling! 

As always Sarah Morgan has delivered a story that will allow you to fall in love, not just with the characters but the setting too.

Maybe this Christmas is an incredible story that will certainly leave you smiling!

Monday, 22 September 2014

An interview with Ellie Darkins

Today I am pleased to welcome Ellie Darkins to The Love of a Good Book!

Author bio
Ellie Darkins spent her formative years as a committed bookworm devouring romance novels. After completing her English degree (which had Mills & Boon on the syllabus!) she decided to make a living from her love of books. As a writer and freelance editor her work now entails dreaming up romantic proposals, hot dates with alpha males and trips to the past with dashing heroes. When she’s not working she can usually be found manning the desk or sampling the coffee at her local library, or out for a run – listening to an audiobook, of course.

In less than 10 words, how would you describe Frozen Heart, Melting KissA romance where food, love and family are inextricably entwined.

Your main character is Maya Hartney, how would you describe her? I adore Maya. She's passionate, full of energy and ideas, always wanting to make people happy. But her enthusiasm and passion hides a vulnerable side that runs very deep. 

Maya is a caterer, what dish would she recommend to make someone fall in love/lust? I don't think that Maya could pick just one dish, because she would really get to know someone to find out what makes them tick. For her food is so personal, it would be different every time.

Of course a great caterer like Maya would throw a dinner party, who would you 5 dream guests be? Only five?! Okay, Anne Boleyn, because she's a fascinating character who wielded an enormous amount of power at a time it was almost impossible for a woman to do so. She's also been so romanticised and villified I'm dying to know who the real Anne was. Marian Keyes, because I think she's one of the funniest people alive. I'd hope that if I asked her really very nicely she'd explain her theory of feathery strokers to me. Can I have fictional people? I'd love to invite Doctor Who, and would demand to know how he can be in love with River and flirt with Clara at the same time? Margaret Thatcher, another divisive woman with unprecedented power in this country. And lastly I think I'd go for ... Jon Snow, because I just finished a Game of Thrones marathon and am very much in love! (and so I could quiz him and try and work out who his parents are).
They say the journey to being published is one of the hardest an author can take, please can you describe the journey that you went on?I've been really lucky with my writing to have had fantastic support and feedback ever since I started sharing my stories. I started writing seriously after taking part in National Novel Writing Month, and as soon as I felt I had a story that I thought readers might enjoy I entered it into Harlequin/Mills & Boon's writing contest, SYTYCW. After they read my manuscript the editors sent me some really useful feedback, and that book published as Hiding from Hollywood with Crimson Romance in January this year. The next time I entered a Mills & Boon contest, it led to a two-book contract! The editors saw promise in my story and worked with me for six months to really get the best out of my writing, my characters and my story. I couldn't be happier to be working with them!

When you aren't writing, how do you spend your days? In my day job I'm a freelance book editor, so I mainly spend it reading. I also volunteer in my local library, so basically I'm surrounded by books as often as possible. When the eyes get tired I head out for a run, though I usually listen to an audiobook at the same time.

Writers put so much time and energy into their characters and I have been told in the past that a writer carries their characters around with them.
So my question is if you could go out for a day with any one of your characters: who would it be, what would you do and why did you pick this particular character?
Oh, it would be Maya, no question. I absolutely love her -- she's such a mixture of passion and vulnerability. The more time I spent writing her the more layers and facets to her character I discovered. She spends so much time making other people happy, I'd want to make sure we did something she enjoyed: a food festival perhaps, like the one she visits with Will. 
If you could choose one book that you think everyone should read, what would it be and why?I have so many that I like to recommend to people it's hard to choose just one. But the most thought-provoking book I've read recently isApple Tree Yard, by Louise Doughty. It's an absolute masterclass in authorial control, and unlike anything I've ever read before. I still find myself thinking about the characters months after I finished it.
What can we expect next, any future books in the pipeline?My next book for Mills & Boon is almost finished! It's Rachel's story (a minor character in Frozen Heart, Melting Kiss) and features a beach, a one-night stand and a very big surprise for my hero and heroine!

Shy and vulnerable Maya Hartney has one great passion—cooking. She’s turned her greatest pleasure into a thriving business, and nothing fulfills her more than delighting her clients. Until she’s hired by taciturn workaholic Will Thomas to cater a charity dinner.…
Only, where Will’s concerned, Maya can do no right! The solution? Sign him up for one of her cookery courses and force the man to fall for her food. A week, one-on-one, cooking and tasting, proves to be a lot more intense and emotional than either of them are expecting! And it comes with a delicious new taste sensation…a kiss…

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Discussing the Dating Zone with KT Valentine

Today I am delighted to welcome KT Valentine to The Love of a Good Book.

Facebook: KT Valentine
Twitter: @TheKT_Valentine
Website: ktvalentine.com

How would you describe Dispatches from the Dating Zone?
Dispatches from the Dating Zone is primarily a romantic comedy with a side order of raunchiness thrown in for good measure. It's based on Fleur Summers and her trials and tribulations of trying to find true love. In a moment of madness she turns to her family to help arrange a series of dates for her to go on and this is where the story begins. Love, friendship, parenthood and dating are just a few themes running through the book, so there should be something in it that every woman can relate to.
What kind of character is Fleur Summers?
Fleur is  fun, kind, loyal, and a hopeless romantic. However, she's also a tad neurotic, needy, allows her heart to rule her head 100% of the time, has major insecurities and a massive obsession with cake. A number of people who have read the book have described her as a real woman going through real issues and that is exactly how I wanted people to think of her. 

Fleur is on the search for Mr Right, what tips would she give people in the same situation? *grabs notebook and pen*
Firstly, I'm pretty sure she'd say don't got asking your family and friends to set you up on arranged dates! Or if you do, go into it with your eyes wide open and very LOW expectations. Secondly, I think she would advise people to make the extra effort with their appearance. Fleur went through this process herself and it really helped with boosting her own self esteem and showed potential suitors that if she cared enough about herself to make the effort than maybe they'd want to too. Something as simple as a new bra made all the difference to Fleur!

There is a speed dating event, who would be your 5 HOT celebrities to attend?
Only 5!?!  Well after hours of deliberation the 5 that made the cut are; Michael Buble, Damian Lewis, Chris Pine, Pharrell Williams and Michael Fassbender.

At the event there is a cocktail in honour of Dispatches from the Dating Zone, what are the ingredients? 
Vodka, cherry coke, squeeze of lemon, and crushed ice. I'd call it 'Last bite of the cherry'
If there was one saying that could sum up your life to date, what would it be?
"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile." I've probably had more downs than ups in my life, but thankfully ,I'm a very positive person with a great sense of humour. 
Please share with us, one random fact about yourself or your book?
I'm an identical twin and I was once in the Royal Air Force. (I think thats two facts for the price of one!)

What can we expect next, any future books in the pipeline?
Yes - I'm currently working on the sequel to Dispatches from the Dating Zone which will be released early next year. So watch this space...

What or who in life inspires you?
That's easy. My son. I've been a single mum to him since the week after he was born and he's pretty much my motivation for everything I do.


Having exhausted all the conventional ways to meet her ‘Mr Right’ (and because now she really is a little bit desperate), Fleur Summers turns to her well-meaning, but eccentric friends and family for help.

From ‘Man Mountain’; an engineer who eats everything in sight and tall dark handsome Tom with big hands but no idea how to use them, to the mysterious and brooding Henry Austin. Follow the trials and tribulations of Fleur’s journey as sheworks her way through a number of eventful blinddates, all in the name of finding true love.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fallen Too Far (Rosemary Beach #1) by Abbi Glines


To want what you’re not supposed to have…

She is only nineteen.

She is his new stepfather’s daughter.

She is still naïve and innocent due to spending the last three years taking care of her sick mother.

But for twenty-four year old Rush Finlay, she is the only thing that has ever been off limits. His famous father’s guilt money, his mother’s desperation to win his love, and his charm are the three reasons he has never been told no.

Blaire Wynn left her small farmhouse in Alabama, after her mother passed away, to move in with her father and his new wife in their sprawling beach house along the Florida gulf coast. She isn’t prepared for the lifestyle change and she knows she’ll never fit into this world. Then there is her sexy stepbrother who her father leaves her with for the summer while he runs off to Paris with his wife. Rush is as spoiled as he is gorgeous. He is also getting under her skin. She knows he is anything but good for her and that he’ll never be faithful to anyone. He is jaded and has secrets Blaire knows she may never uncover but even knowing all of that…

Blaire just may have fallen too far.


My Thoughts:

Fallen Too Far is my first encounter with the writing style of Abbi Glines and oh my, have I been missing out.

Within the first few pages I was pulled into a wonderful read that was laced with mystery, glamour and sexiness.
Since finishing this book I have added every book Glines has published to my wishlist and started the countdown to payday!

Glines has a writing style that instantly pulls you in and allows you to connect with the characters.

Blare our protagonist is wonderfully feisty, abandoned by her father when she needed him the most, she has been left to watch her mother die and settle the family debts.
She has a past that's spiked an independence so intense she will pull a gun on anyone who intimidates her, oh I just love her.
It's wonderful to read about a strong female character who doesn't rely on anyone or get by on her looks, she can handle herself and that shows even when faced with Rush, the owner of the house her father has asked her to go to.

When Blaire meets Rush, it's clear she has an attraction to him and who can blame her, the guy sounds HOT! 
Tongue piercing, tattoos and toned abs  *fans self* and with statements like 

“Blaire, I’m not a romantic guy. I don’t kiss and cuddle. It’s all about the sex for me. You deserve someone who kisses and cuddles. Not me. I just fuck, baby.“ 


When Blaire and Rush are together there is no doubt their chemistry sizzles, the passion, the lust OH WOW! 

Between Rush and Woods (Blaire's boss), I found myself having many cold showers, Glines certainly has a way of describing her characters. 

It wasn't just the passion within the pages that pulled me in, there is bitchiness, hatred and one hell of a cliffhanger.

Come on payday I need more!!!! 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Wedding Proposal journey with Sue Moorcroft

Today I am delighted to welcome Sue Moorcroft to The Love of a Good Book, a big thank you to Sue for stopping by today and talking about the incredible book The Wedding Proposal.

It’s a wonderful feeling when a new book’s published. It’s like having an extra birthday. In fact I tend to get a greater number of online ‘Happy Publication Day!’ messages than ‘Happy Birthday!’ wishes. In a way, that’s fitting. I get a birthday without any effort. (And, frankly, I wouldn’t mind stopping the clock and not having any more.) But a book takes an enormous amount of time and effort, not just from me but from the entire Choc Lit team. It’s an achievement. We ought to celebrate it.
To celebrate publication of The Wedding Proposal I’m going to give you ten fun facts about it and its writing.

The Wedding Proposal was originally called In the Same Boat. This is a title given to me by my horror-writing friend, Mark West, who says at regular intervals, ‘I still think it ought to have been called In the Same Boat.’ The reason it’s not is that my publisher thought it would turn off anyone who suffers with seasickness. As I suffer from seasickness, I agreed!
2 I utilise beta readers for all of my books. A couple read it analytically, to feedback on plot holes or character inconsistencies. They are Mark and Dominic. The others helped me with research. They are: Lynda for scuba, Julie for working with children and Rowena for IT. (Thanks guys.)
The Wedding Proposal is a reunion book – Elle and Lucas were together in the past but their relationship ended. I thought that sticking them in a small boat together for the summer would make life interesting for them.
4 Plotting a reunion book is hard! At least, it was for me. I had to know so much of the backstory that I nearly gave up and just turned the backstory into the book. I’m glad I worked it out in the end.
5 We had five covers to choose from. We met the fiction buyer from a major chain at a function when the publisher had the potential covers with her. The buyer was so enthusiastic about one particular design that we discarded the others.
6 As I’m slightly colour blind between blue and green, I’m not sure what colour the cover is. I just say ‘aqua’.
I wanted to return to Malta to write part of the book. I think it would have been awesome to be right there as the central plot took shape. I couldn’t quite justify it but one day I’m going to write another Malta book and go out there to write part of it.
8 I wrote two drafts of the book before sending it to beta readers, a third draft to incorporate their feedback, then it goes to the editor. The editor gives me editorial notes, so I revise to incorporate them. Then we get down to tiny details and after that comes the proofing. So writing a book is a solitary experience – except it isn’t.
When I plotted this novel I did it with sticky notes all over a wall. It worked really well until my son came home from university and wanted his wall back.
10 Then I got two big pieces of cardboard and reordered the stickies on them so that I could take the plot with me when I was working in Wales. It was a really useful exercise and made me think hard about where the plot was going. I may do this for every book!

Sue Moorcroft writes novels of dauntless heroines and irresistible heroes. Love & Freedom won the Best Romantic Read Award 2011, an award for which Is this Love? andDream a Little Dream were subsequently shortlisted in other years. Dream a Little Dreamwas also shortlisted for a Romantic Novel Award in 2013. Sue is a Katie Fforde Bursary Award winner, a past vice chair of the Romantic Novelists' Association and editor of its anthologies.

Sue also writes short stories, serials, articles, writing ‘how to’ and is a competition judge and creative writing tutor.

Sue’s latest book The Wedding Proposal is available as an ebook from 4 August 2014 and as a paperback from 8 September.

Twitter @suemoorcroft

The Wedding Proposal
Can a runaway bride stop running?
Elle Jamieson is an unusually private person, in relationships as well as at work – and for good reason. But when she’s made redundant, with no ties to hold her, Elle heads off to a new life in sunny Malta.
Lucas Rose hates secrets – he prides himself on his ability to lay his cards on the table and he expects nothing less from others. He’s furious when his summer working as a divemaster is interrupted by the arrival of Elle, his ex, all thanks to his Uncle Simon’s misguided attempts at matchmaking.
Forced to live in close proximity, it’s hard to ignore what they had shared before Lucas’s wedding proposal ended everything they had. But then an unexpected phone call from England allows Lucas a rare glimpse of the true Elle. Can he deal with Elle’s hidden past when it finally comes to light?

Available across all major eBook platforms, including:
Apple UK http://bit.ly/1tgU5ag

Monday, 15 September 2014

Join Kathy Reichs in a special broadcast!

Join Kathy Reichs, bestselling author and forensic anthropologist in a broadcast from London’s Barts Pathology Museum on how forensics have influenced her career

Send your questions in now!


Broadcast date: 17th September

Show time: 17:00 (UK time)

Join us for a special broadcast with bestselling author and forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs at London’s Barts Pathology Museum! As part of Kathy’s UK tour to mark publication of her new novel Bones Never Lie, she will be giving a fascinating illustrated talk on forensic anthropology and how forensics has influenced her writing career. 

From teaching FBI agents how to detect and recover human remains, to separating and identifying commingled body parts in her Montreal lab, as a forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs has brought her own dramatic work experience to her mesmerising thrillers. For years she consulted to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in North Carolina, and continues to do so for the Laboratoire de Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Québec. Dr. Reichs has travelled to Rwanda to testify at the UN Tribunal on Genocide, and helped exhume a mass grave in Guatemala. As part of her work at JPAC (Formerly CILHI) she aided in the identification of war dead from World War II, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Dr. Reichs also assisted with identifying remains found at ground zero of the World Trade Center following the 9/11terrorist attacks.

Dr. Reichs is one of only eighty-two forensic anthropologists ever certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology. She served on the Board of Directors and as Vice President of both the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, and is currently a member of the National Police Services Advisory Council in Canada. She is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. A native of Chicago, she now divides her time between Charlotte, NC and Montreal, Québec.

Kathy Reichs's first novel Déjà Dead catapulted her to fame when it became a New York Times bestseller, a Sunday Times bestseller and won the 1997 Ellis Award for Best First Novel. She has written seventeen bestsellers featuring Dr Temperance Brennan, including the forthcoming new thriller Bones Never Lie, as well as a forensic series aimed at young adults. She is a producer on the chilling hit TV series Bones.

Join us for this special broadcast and be sure to send in your questions by12pm on 16th September to make sure Kathy has a chance to answer them

Click here to submit questions before the show (make sure it’s before 12pm 16th September)


Website: www.kathyreichs.com


Hashtag: #BartsBones

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