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Lets talk; hot men & nasty neighbours with Amelia Thorne

Today I am very excited to welcome Amelia Thorne to The Love of a Good Book.
Amelia Thorne is an International woman of mystery, who owns a goat and rides a penny farthing. She may also have a secret identity. 
Some of the above may not be true.   
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This week your debut novel Beneath the Moon and the Stars is published, in 10 words, how would you describe it? 
Its a story of love, friendship, secrets and misguided revenge
The story has a few men that need to be described as HOT, are this based on anyone in your life?
Oh I wish, I love big men, there is something very hot about someone big and tall. The pierced nipplewas someone from my past. When i worked as a hotel receptionist, there was a chef who had a piercednipple. I don't know why, but seeing it, touching it was the biggest turn on for me.
Finn is described as very muscular and tall, what kind of research do you do for a character like that?
Oh haha, lots and lots of photos of Chris Hemsworth. The man is HUGE and freaking gorgeous. Beingan author is such hard work.
Casey is very big on discovering secrets, care to share with us a secret of your own?
I have a secret identity, sshhhhhh. Although quite a few people have guessed who i am already, apparently my tweets are very similar.
I love Joy's attitude to life and honestly I commend her for living in Bramble Hill and putting up with some of those people. Have you ever had any problems with your neighbours? 
When i was a student in Liverpool, i lived in a house next door to some drug dealers. Our house was thelast front door in the street, but their house was the last house in the street, with their front door roundthe corner, on another road which led to much confusion, the police were always coming round, demanding to speak to Colin. Other neighbours would bang on our door because there had been breakins and things stolen and drugged up people would bang on our door very early hours in the morningasking for drugs. We lived in the nicest area!!!!!
In the book with have the gorgeous hunk of a man Finn, the charming and charismatic Casey and the ever attentive Zach; Who would you snog, marry and avoid? 
Snog Finn, definitely, he is hot, but very com
Marry Casey, i think he would be a lovely friend to spend time with, he would be loyal to the end. I couldn't snog him, I'd definitely wouldn't be his type.
I'd avoid Zach i suppose, he's hot and charming and a complete and utter womaniser

Let's talk a little about you,
What's your goat called? Hugo. Hmmmm Hugo the three legged goat, that sounds familiar
Who would you dream date be? Oh Chris Hemsworth obviously and I've always had a thing for OrlandoBloom 
Have you ever been starstruck? 
Around hot men i become a bumbling mess, I've never really met anyone properly famous
What inspired you to write Beneath the Moon and Stars?
I wanted to write something different, a different job. A secret chainsaw carver appealed to me
The best book you've read this year?
I have a few, Waiting for Prince Harry by Aven Ellis, You Had Me At Merlot by Lisa Dickenson
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
New Zealand, I've always wanted to go ever since watching Lord of the Rings, it looks simply stunning 
Quick fire round: 
Cake or Ice cream? Cake, always
Wine or pop? Pop and i love you call it Pop, only us brummies really call it that
Cumberbatch or Gosling? Erm gosling
Shakespeare of Austen? Shakespeare
Summer or Winter? Summer
Youu can pre-order your copy here.

                             A big thank you to Amelia for talking to The Love of a Good Book!

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